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  1. always a good night at this place. it not that big but creates a good atmosphere.
  2. try the peacock pub near by or the saracens hotel up the street.both in Towcester.
  3. It was a top night with top sounds and everyone loved the floor ! Thanks to all who done the work to get night going. Take a rest before the next one. KTF
  4. pop down it got a good floor. with the line up of DJ's i am sure they will keep the floor busy!!!! also plenty of on-site parking.
  5. DSC_3219.JPG
    No parental influence to my music. Went to youth club full or older folk in leather gear, me as a skinhead listening to the duke box ,black night,Hendrix,,deep purple this was 1968 .Went to another youth club,played Motown on a record player ,discoverd reggae,brought LP,s, mo chartbusters vol 3.progressed from there to Jimmy Johnson,bandwagon, Donnie Albert,al green,Bobby hebb,New York city,shakers .....plenty of discos odd club at 15......gave up the scene.meet my girlfriend /wife of 40yrs. The age of you tube rattled the brain. A meeting up with old pal said you like soul come down so out I went on a Saturday night alone first time in 40yrs. Felt the vibes ,watched a few moves on YouTube, told to dance, what me dance! At 59 here goes was like a kid with a new toy....2yrs later I am catching up lost time been to skegness weekend KTF
  6. until

    first time lat year back again, like the sunday nice and relaxing.. Great value and venue.
  7. I am repeating what Tony MK has said. Top Night great numbers from all around, new faces. Hopefully, it won't outgrow the room.
  8. Dont miss this night ,normally a great night at this place with a great crowd and atmosphere.
  9. Ian Hockings

    Northampton Spinners

    cracking night. I think everyone was happy such great tunes throughout the night ... KTF
  10. Ian Hockings

    Northampton Spinners

    If turns out like November night did we are in for a good night, i am coming back nice big room...
  11. Thanks Tom always nice to a face to a name,
  12. Ian Hockings

    Northampton Spinners

    enjoyed your music,when i see where you play i think we were lucky to have your company
  13. wow look like a great floor and a good size room. Plan to make the april night .
  14. Ian Hockings

    Northampton Spinners

    plan to make my first visit, as requested by the towcester soul club soulies KTF

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