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    What a great night packed the floor most of the night, credit to the DJ's who played the right tunes! A special mention to those who put these nights on for our pleasure. see this video on youtube Towcester soul club
  1. Dont miss this night ,normally a great night at this place with a great crowd and atmosphere.
  2. cracking night. I think everyone was happy such great tunes throughout the night ... KTF
  3. feeling ok at the moment looking forward to the night.
  4. If turns out like November night did we are in for a good night, i am coming back nice big room...
  5. Thank you Jaco. I was concerned as my father passed with PC he had left it late didnt want to go to the doctors to late .Keep on Keeping on !!!!!!
  6. Thanks Tom always nice to a face to a name,
  7. enjoyed your music,when i see where you play i think we were lucky to have your company
  8. wow look like a great floor and a good size room. Plan to make the april night .
    My first visit there,I repeat what geff said , I will add what a good size room and floor. Next time I hope i feel better as it will be even more enjoyable. Let hope the next date it wont clash with others KTF
  9. plan to make my first visit, as requested by the towcester soul club soulies KTF
  10. Must say a great night, met some good folks some i see at the stolen hours in bletchely, all so friendly and great tunes. Was a bit hot earlier. lets all return in July... bring it on. KTF
  11. glad you are going tony, cant make it till 9 at least, the night is still young 1
  12. well if zoot's on his own then I wont be .When is the next one. Does coming up from Luton make it northern soul !
  13. lucky you (zoot) she said not out again so as I still have a cold didn't moan, next time for sure !