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    disco, modern, deep soul, psych soul, sweet soul, blue-eyed soul, ballads, and breaks. Also curious about MPB and Jamaican disco funk.
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    New York/San Francisco
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    Willie Tee, "My Heart Remembers" and Doris Troy, "He Don't Belong to Me"

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  1. Beautiful, EX condition. $1000. Ask for photos. (My copy is also listed on Discogs for a slightly higher price to cover fees.)
  2. Please P.M. Price and condition: Marva W. Taylor - I've Lived the Life / Nothing I'd Rather Be Than Your Weakness (Forte, Red) Vanessa Kendrick - How Can I Do Right / You Ain't Got No Friends (Glades) Ruby Andrews - Wonderful Nite / You Can Run But You Can't Hide (Zodiac) Jeanette Holloway - I Won't Be Around / You Got to Give A Little (Dash)
  3. Great, driving Northern number with a killer instrumental. 200 quid on Manship: VG++. $200, gift plus shipping: $4 U.S. / $14 international. Photos of the actual record for sale:
  4. Some Unusual Summer Sales... Many weren't on Youtube until I uploaded them for the purposes of this list. Shipping: $4 U.S. / $14 International. PayPal gift or 4% added fees. Sound files represent the actual records for sale when directly indicated. Balero Chambers - Do It Harder / Do It (Like You Should) (Tondasonic) EX $160 Crack the hydrants and throw a stoopid block party with this unknown dub funk cover of The Soul Brothers Six's "You Gotta Come A Little Closer." No sales history. Actual copy for sale: https://youtu.be/0TrvOQ6Oc3k The Tropics - Get Up and Dance / Different Strokes (Tropics Prod. Ltd.) EX $80 Spacey private island disco. Listed at $100 on Earcave in lesser condition. Actual copy for sale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a_RNc4kv4Q The Caps Band - Hold On, Hold Out / Stay With Me (Jeree) VG+ $180 Superb 1988 funk jam. Bass for days. Only semi-known. Actual copy for sale: https://youtu.be/vsLiNogn4mQ O'Mar - P.M. Affair / Satisfaction (Chrome) 7" VG++ $160 The time is finally right for this boogie masterpiece. Compare at $240 on Discogs: https://goo.gl/gLN6sf Bodacious - (Will You) Groove With Me / For the Rest of Your Life (Super Nova) EX $90 The A-side has a natural thrust and swagger, but I prefer the atmospheric slow jam. This is my spare copy, otherwise I wouldn't sell. Listed at $127 elsewhere: https://youtu.be/zSkv4xj7qEo?t=3m28s Cardell Funk Machine - Shoot Your Shot / It's All Over (PPU) EX $15 Boogie prodigy: https://youtu.be/mvxzJmYSPfs Shufflin Tymes - King Kong Boogie (Lita) VG++ $50 Heavy drums and propulsive disco beat. Compare at $100 on Discogs: https://goo.gl/jZ7NF5 Rokk - Patience / Don't Be No Fool (Numero) EX $60 Lookalike, limited release pressing. Only available in the Numero Omnibus box set: https://youtu.be/2oykkXcQICU
  5. Hi, I would like to offer 85 quid for the Lee Harris. Thanks, Colin
  6. My Short List: Odds Against Tomorrow - Point of No Return (Sweet As) Nathan Wilkes - Strange Feeling/Now That I'm Wise (Tragar) Vicki(e) Baines - We Can Find that Love / Sweeter than Sweet Things (Loma) Ruby Andrews - You Can Run / Wonderful Nite (Zodiac) The Creators and Vic Pitts Cheaters - Astrology Child / Why, Why, Why (Brewtown) Etoy Bogart - I'm Going to Tell God / I've Had it Hard (Philwood) Gospel Clouds - Let us Pray (Spectrum) Sales or trades welcome!
  7. Please PM with price and condition. Thanks, Colin
  8. VG+ or better, please. PM with price and condition.

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