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  1. Brian Rae

    I'll tell you why anyone would want to go anywhere to hear Brian Rae - first of all sounds like you know very little about what you're talking. If it weren't for guys like Brian, Dave, Keith, Steve Whittle (to name but a few) this scene wouldn't be as it is ...
  2. i might have photo's,i'll have a look!
  3. couldn't agree more me old mate.CAN YOU READ ALL THIS OK GAV!
  4. your very honoured,he dont sleep on just anybody's lap you know! yikes!! you mean,where you got that old photo from ? mines a few pints next essence mate.
  5. i would have been baz if i hadn't kept tripping over taff asleep on floor at essence,trying to escape from gav kissing me
  6. sorry for that mate,but i didn't see you lying on the floor.
  7. Make sure you are. Its still your round from Yarmouth!
  8. 100 Club This Sat

    hi wiganer1,is that you mark in nuneaton? if so say hello to the old crowd when you see em will ya. will be up hinckley 22oct as col (lank)is jocking there so i here,maybe see you there if you go & ive got the right person?
  9. 100 Club This Sat

    Didn't it collapse when somebody sat.......stuck too many drinks on it?
  10. 100 Club This Sat

    Remember the picnic table????? ...........
  11. 100 Club This Sat

    Remember the picnic table????? ...........
  12. 100 Club This Sat

  13. 100 Club This Sat

    And here's a MORE recent one!!
  14. 100 Club This Sat

    Nope What did you say, I forgot? Eh!

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