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    After years of travelling up and down this country on the soul scene and going to venues that promise so much and do not deliver I have decided to do a thread on every venue I visit and the etiquette of the paying crowd.

    Please understand if what you read is not to your liking this is only my opinion . I am not affiliated with any soul club in particular and am totally unbiased in my thoughts.

    If any of my comments help improve any further nights at these venues it can only benefit all of us!

    Buxton Octagon 1st Nov
    North wings 9th Nov
    Ibstock S.C 16th Nov
    NG4 S.C 22nd Nov
    Burton Town Hall 23rd Nov
    Drax N.S Club 29th Nov
    Hinkley 18th Jan 2014
    DBSC Cotgrave 8th Feb 2014

    Just when you thought it was safe to run average Northern Soul nights, I'm back from a 6 month tour for Queen and Country.
    No Northern Soul for all this time so get your act together cos I'm going to be out and about, starting at Wellingborough!

    W'Boro Weekender August 2014
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  1. soulinvestigator


    Been reviewing a few venues over the last couple of months without really commenting on them. last night made the trip up the M1 to North Wingfield. A Northern Soul night with an entrance fee of £3.50, extremely reasonable! The ladies on the door are always friendly and the place has a real " back in the day feel ". The only downside here is of the feeling when you lift an old carpet from a room hoping for immaculate floorboards underneath only to find they've been destroyed by the electrician from hell ? Well,areas of the dance floor are that bad. That said, last nights crowd, D.j's and whole night of music was without doubt, one of the best nights of Northern Soul I've had the pleasure of being part of, soaking wet shirts and bloody sore feet say it all. Everyone involved well done, a truely outstanding night of Nothern Soul. A massive 9/10.
  2. soulinvestigator

    Wellingborough Soul Weekender / All - Dayer 2014


    Arrived Friday night to get a feel, seeing as it's been so long! The Castle itself, as usual, was in immaculate condition and a great venue for a weekend soul event. Everything about this place is first class, from toilets to bar service (jugs of water on the bar was a nice touch) by 10pm the place was buzzing whichever room you were in, roll on Saturday. Arrived around 12.30 and straight to the main hall, seemed slow to get going and the atmosphere seemed quite muted. For some reason the dance floor was like a sheet of glass! However, still a great surface. To be honest I thought the music never really got going and the consistency from the early DJ's was up and down. As usual later in the day the venue started to fill and the big names played their stuff giving a totally different atmosphere. Haven't really anything to say negative about these 2 days, apart from the usual local drinkers who have to congregate on the dance floor edge (this annoyance is everywhere and you should stick to the pubs!) this usually happens from 9 pm onwards. Also, the art of being a DJ is to play for the crowd and get them dancing; rather than play tunes they can dance to themselves! (This happened during the early afternoon.) Overall immaculately organised and run throughout. 8.5/10
  3. soulinvestigator

    Andy Cannon, Big Al and Yocky DBSC Anniversary

    Went along to DBSC last night for their 3rd anniversary in Cotgrave, although these guys have been going many years.£3 on the door for this venue is incredible and I'm sure that if it was in the central area's of Nottingham would be amongst the countries most attended night!! To be honest the early spots took a while to get the busy crowd dancing but when the change came and Mel Britt was played back to back with Joe Jama cue a packed dance floor for the rest of the evening. The people who run this venue are genuinely some of the nicest guys in the business, The bar system is great with good prices, toilets are always clean here and it has a dance floor to die for with plenty of seating and 2nd floor balcony. The only downside last night which I see becoming a problem is the constant amount of flash photography! Non stop in your face for 4 solid hours! Legal action against someone is waiting to happen. Overall very good night 7/10.
  4. soulinvestigator


    Arrived at the Clarendon club Hinckley for their 11th anniversary night 45 minutes late due to the junction closure on the M1 to find the place already packed. The music and dancing was already well under way. The bar here would run so much better with a queuing system such as are used at other venues, at times the staff struggled to keep up with demand and were often unsure who to serve. From early on it was obvious the toilets are not monitored and only got worse as the evening wore on. The only other slight negative was that the floor was slightly tacky which is unusual here! No drinkers walking across the floor here or spilt drink anywhere! The place is a real dancers venue, the low ceiling, the hot bodies and sweat, a real throwback to when we were all younger.The quality of music played through out the night was simply outstanding and the 2hrs by the young .D.J followed by the Main guest was as good as anything I've danced to in quite a long time. It is obvoius to see why this club has been going so long and it must rank as one of the best Northern Soul venues in the midlands. A fantastic night, well done 9/10.
  5. soulinvestigator


    From Burton Town Hall last week to Drax Power Station Northern Soul Club. Arrived 20 mins late and the place was packed already. Cheap entrance at £3 and it was noticeable the lady on the door made everyone feel welcome. The bar prices were good with extremely friendly staff, with a queuing system similar to NG4 Soul Club which runs smoothly. The venue itself is large with plenty of seating albeit mostly taken, which already says a lot about this place. The crowd well into the hundreds I’d guess! Friendly people as seats were offered when there were none to be found, the toilets are as spotless as this venue and you can tell it’s a well-run place. Nice large wooden dance floor (already full) as it was till the end. The music here is not just for the traditionalist, eclectic possibly, diverse certainly. A couple of classics, a couple of modern and a couple of RnB and it worked perfectly. 11-12 spot leaned more to a modern side but again the floor never diminished. A great night of all round Soul music, capped by the syfy image when you leave the venue and look at the steam filled power station right in front of you. All in all a very good night 8/10
  6. soulinvestigator

    Burton Town Hall Northern Soul Night

    From NG4 soul club last night to Burton Town Hall. £5 on the door for 6 hours is great value for such a fantastic venue. The meet and greet as always gives the same warm feeling, then walking in through the doors into such a majestic room is quite a moment! The music hit the money from the start, and the floor was pretty full from 9pm onwards. Big crowd as always, from all over. Now, where do I start? This place must have the dearest bar prices of any venue I have been too, on a regular basis people buy their drinks and casually meander through the middle of the floor to their seats while the music is playing and people dancing.Why?? The sound system was terrible which was a shame because the music played was excellent, the wooden floor is in major need of maintenance and in parts simply not good enough to dance on and my last comment is to the DJ, who ,when your introducing the next person have the etiquette to know their name! Overall 6/10
  7. soulinvestigator


    From Ibstock last week ventured to Nottingham to the NG4 Soul Club Mapperley. Great welcome on the door and into a really large venue with newly laid dance floor, albeit laminated not wooden. Ordered a pint and half of Carling £4.80 ! Not really welfare prices but the queuing system is a good idea. The venue gets under way at 7.30pm but noticed dancing was slow until just before 9pm, which was surprising because the music played was on the ball from the minute I walked in. A few sound issues during the early evening but on the whole the music was consistent but went up a notch with the guest DJ which is how it should be. The floor was packed from 9 till close. A big local following is evident and I would estimate 250 at this venue, proving that Nottingham is one of the country’s top areas. The only issue is a quarter stand on the dance floor with their drinks which restricted the viewing for some seated and at times gave this more than a social feeling than a soul night, especially the 2 guys who were still in their work clothes Parts of the floor did suffer from spillage and the toilets here could do with monitoring. Overall the evening was good the issue I found is it a soul night or a social night? 7/10
  8. soulinvestigator


    Ibstock From North Wings to Ibstock this week in the heart of Leicestershire The meet and greet here is always welcoming and when you enter inside you get a feeling although not a large venue it’s one that instantly has that Soul Club feel from back in the day The music is always good with excellent sets played the guest DJ Good to see record sales and badges being sold which is always a bonus Bar prices reasonable and toilet’s dated but clean but please “Mind the Step” The floor took a while to get started but by 9.30 was non-stop dancing until the end. Some classics, a bit of modern and a bit of Motown was played. A good night all round 8/10Ibstock From North Wings to Ibstock this week in the heart of Leicestershire The meet and greet here is always welcoming and when you enter inside you get a feeling although not a large venue it’s one that instantly has that Soul Club feel from back in the day The music is always good with excellent sets played the guest DJ Good to see record sales and badges being sold which is always a bonus Bar prices reasonable and toilet’s dated but clean but please “Mind the Step” The floor took a while to get started but by 9.30 was non-stop dancing until the end. Some classics, a bit of modern and a bit of Motown was played. A good night all round 8/10
  9. soulinvestigator


    From the Grand Octagon Pavilion at Buxton last week to the Miners Welfare North Wingfield whose event on Soul Source advertising 2 Top Guest Dj’s promised to be a great night of music. There is plenty of parking and a warm welcome on the door, cheap entrance with reasonable bar prices. The room is a good size, plenty of seating but doesn’t detract from the dance floor (which on the downside is in need of repair). The music policy is on the traditional side with some great classics and R&B numbers with an odd sprinkling of modern! The floor was once again packed from start to finish; it was noticeable that the club has a large local support. The one criticism is not about the venue but about one of the guest Dj’s, who was sure to add numbers to the door! However he failed to show with no explanation given! This left his spot to be filled by the other guest Dj along with the resident Dj’s who played a non-stop night of great Northern Soul. Overall a really nice venue with dated but clean toilets. As a Northern Soul night this wouldn’t disappoint. 8/10
  10. soulinvestigator

    Buxton Octagon Monster Soul Night

    Arrived early and was disappointed to see in the bar area, no vendors of records, clothing or badges which made this room look very bare compared to previous visits. The venue itself is amazing with wall to wall wooden flooring. The bar area is a massive plus being separated from the dance hall. All seating in the hall which is octagon shaped are around the perimeter, therefore people seldom walk across the dance floor. Musically with some big names playing on the night dancing started 30 mins in, and never stopped till the end. (The floor was always full). BUT ! Not going to mention any names (this time!) later in the night the music lost its way and became pretty average. Even saw people jiving to one record ! The venue ended at 1am and I would say as a Northern soul night it was a very good and with excellent toilets for a change. I would definitely go again. 8/10


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