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    checkin' out don covay
  1. There's no chance Imo of 'the young ' keeping the scene anywhere near as popular,this will be last roll of the dice for our generation 50+ ..just look at the average age signed in on ss (I don't actually sign in much)have you seen the average age?younger age bracket is 30+..and not so many..if there was a real young population of collectors surely they'd be on here especially if they are UK residents and collectors ..the record prices are enough to put any young person off collecting ..the bills at home will have to be paid first. .do some really think they'll(on the whole ) pay these prices or more likely the newer collector hoping so to keep their recent over priced record at a buoyant price..wishful thinking imo. ..there won't be enough young to be exploited like the wanna be dj's neither on a scene that's gonna be whole lot smaller. ..just my view on this subject. . J... ..
  2. Fantastic write up etc...gotta ask is this the same as Nelson Saunders track sounds it to me albeit slower with slightly different lyrics maybe?... J....
  3. Even his record sleeves are well over priced... J.....
  4. Your'e right it has been played out and about years ago..butch isn't the first to play this by a long chalk....i wouldn't call this record a boot..just a record with some dispute as to the singer/writer not being paid could easily be a misunderstanding in the contract...not being a case of someone delibarately ripping the other off..they sound like they got on with each other before with past someone said before how much would you expect of a 300 run... J
  5. Other side is fantastic as well ...won't stop to cry...número have re issued it...saw one go for $800!..month or so ago in USA..dunno if that's correct going rate for yellow demo someone else may correct me good luck J
  6. Parkers, Star and Garter ...when I was home...not having a dig just seems quick for this to be coming around again only seems 2 minutes ago time flies j.
  7. Ok...let you off lol!.... Think some people actually do believe it being smokey though...dunno about the p-vine thing though Martin. ..always thought they legal jap...and there was a p-vine club membership at one time? J
  8. sorry but where did I say 'all'. oh i get about that's for sure but don't need a schedule,as for armchair etc that's a crap cop out comment i know many people with fantastic collections etc that go no where but still collect,and when some one posts a record up and some one points out that it was played here or there years ago why get on that persons back?the point they are making is clear IT WAS PLAYED that's all... j

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