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  1. Hi people, does anyone have infos on this tune? Seems to be some obscure cover of Jessie Ferguson's song... Thank you!
  2. Soulovestory


  3. Soulovestory

    Rare Funk-Soul 45s for sale

    Hi, make an offer if interested. VG++.
  4. The Incredible Rock City Band - Eyes On You Pt. 1 b/w Pt. 2 Never seen before 7", EX condition. Here's a sample: http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/JyDMrUGU/file.html Make an offer in PM (serious buyers only). Feel free to ask for more details in PM (Pics, more soundclips....) Thank you!
  5. Ex condition, plays nice... autographed copy. Private electro Boogie out of Mississippi (1983) Rarely seen 45. Hear it: http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/SH9792PZ/file.html Make a serious offer (Paypal Gift or cover the fees).
  6. Soulovestory

    3 Rare Funk/boogie/modern Soul 12" For Sale

    Smoke Screen & Earwaves SOLD!
  7. Soulovestory

    Two Disco/boogie 12"s For Sale

  8. Soulovestory

    Two Disco/boogie 12"s For Sale

    -Don Mc Henry - Scooter (Freshness! Dope Synth Disco-Boogie/Funk 12", early 80s) EX to EX+ / 40€ + Shipping -Island And Holiday - Living (Cool Italo-Disco/Boogie 12") EX / 35€ + Shipping Paypal Gift (Or cover the Paypal fees). Thank you!
  9. Soulovestory

    3 Rare Funk/boogie/modern Soul 12" For Sale

    Magic Cube sold!
  10. Soulovestory

    3 Rare Funk/boogie/modern Soul 12" For Sale

    From France, and sorry, that's the only tracks I had recorded back in the days, since the other tracks weren't my style!
  11. Hi there, Selling: -Earwaves EP (Rare Bay-Area EP - Modern Soul/Boogie) EX++/ $115 + Shipping http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/PcLh3vje/file.html -Magic Cube - Hi-Lites (Cool Boogie Funk 12" from Germany) EX / $50 + Shipping -Smoke Screen - Give It Up (Very Nice US Boogie Funk 12") ~~> Blue & White Label Press (The Only 12" Press amongst the 3, that has 3 different versions on it) EX+ / $40 + Shipping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGZXWuTWbU4 Paypal Gift (Or cover the Paypal fees). Thank you!
  12. Soulovestory

    One Unknown Funky/soul/jazz/boogie Ep For Sale

    Last price 60 euros + Shipping
  13. "J.B. And Upstairs" EP, rarely pops up... No date, but sounds very early 80s. 5 tracks : -2 mellow soul tunes -1 Blues/soul influences jam -1 Jazz-Funk tune -1 Electronic (Vocoder/Talkbox) Funky Boogie music NM- Condition, 75 euros + Shipping, Paypal gift. Samples here: http://www.divshare.com/download/26026239-6b2 (Samples come from an old VG copy... this is why you can hear crackles. The current one is NM-). Thank you.
  14. Incredible Rock City Band: 200€, Shipping with Tracking number included. Amazingly rare Mississippi Electro Vocoder Boogie 45 (same tune on both sides). Never pops up for sale. Low Budget press (in a very limited quantity, pressed months before the LP was, according to 'Billy R.', member of the band), on an indie Label (Mountain Music Records - 1983). EX++ Condition, comes with a white generic sleeve. Sample here: Payment by Paypal. Thank you.


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