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  1. I'm not sure. I can ask her. But from what I've learned, I think its safe to say that it was. She has always been a Choreographer. Even worked with James Brown!
  2. Even today she is a superb dancer and judges Locking competitions around the world. Before anything, she's a dancer. She was an original Locker and part of the Soul Train Lockers. That alone is legendary status. She can move and in her 70s is as funky as any youngster on the floor. She's an original. Here she is during last year's Judges showcase.
  3. nice! just heard about this. this is a solid feature!!!
  4. Cheers Neil, thank you for the record!! The Wes Black arrived in perfect order. all my best and cheers from TX! JJ-
  5. My goodness, this is a fantastic feature. Cheers! Tune of the set for me is the Soul Junction release of Ron Shy "Don't They Know." What a gorgeous tune, and from Ellington's nephew none the less!
  6. Just saw this: http://www.soultracks.com/story-nicholas-caldwell-dies R.I.P. Nicholas Caldwell of The Whispers: 1944-2016 - See more at: http://www.soultracks.com/story-nicholas-caldwell-dies#sthash.MfWeS0Ax.dpuf
  7. As a fairly new collector, I've had to rely on discogs, additional label info, matrix #s, etc. I do fear buying a reissue vs an original. I just recently realized that my copy of Le Cop "Move Your Body / Law" 12" single is in fact a 2009 press and not a 2nd, 1979 12" press. I still love the record but that now puts me back on the hunt for an original press. Looking closely, the 79 press includes both publishing and copy-right insignias.

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