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  1. The Lollipops, Look What You've Done Boy

    Nice one. Lucky man ... it's a fantastic tune. How music of this quality never saw an official release baffles me. In my opinion it's one of the top tunes ever to come out of the Motown recording studios - and that's saying something! :-)
  2. The Lollipops, Look What You've Done Boy

    I wish! I fell in love with this tune a few years back and upon learning that there was no official issue of it I got a copy pressed up to dj with, using the Tamla Motown Connoisseurs original cd as the source. On the few occasions I dared play it out for fea...
  3. Hi, Looking for an ex to m- copy of Danny Williams 'Whose Little Girl Are You'. Must be first issue, i.e. with the inverted (upside down) matrix number on the label. PM please. Many thanks for looking. Best regards, John.
  4. Hi, Does anyone have a copy of Albert Jones - Fifteen Cent Love (Kapp) for sale? Demo or issue it doesn't really matter as long as it's in nice condition. :-) Cheers, John.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a copy of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons 'The Night' (Mowest 3002) at a sensible price and in a decent condition. Must be 3002, not 3024, i.e. a UK first issue. Can anyone help? Many thanks, John.
  6. Hi, Looking for a copy of Phyllis Hyman - Can't Live Without You on Expansion Special Reserve label. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks, John.
  7. Hi, Looking for a copy of E.J. Chandler - I Can't Stand To Lose You on yellow S.O.S. label. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks, John.
  8. Tempos - I'll Never Forget (Diamond Jim) Sold

    Forgot to say, please use PM to get in touch with me re. offers. Thanks.
  9. It's with a heavy heart that I am considering selling this record, but if I get the right offer I'm willing to let it go. An incredibly rare record. I believe only 7 dj demos were made and 3 issues. To my knowledge it has never been booted or reissued. Mine i...
  10. Donnie Elbert, Along Came Pride

    I have just purchased one of these, not realising that they were issued on different labels in the UK. When my copy arrived I discovered that it's on the RCA Victor issue from 1972. Is this legit to play out (being a 'reissue' and all that) or am I liable to ...
  11. Is There A Better £5 Original

    THE INTRUDERS - HANG ON IN THERE Just bought one of these on UK PIR from ebay for £2.99. Mid tempo magic and surely a bargain price for music of this quality. It's what's in the groove that counts...
  12. Is There A Better £5 Original

    Did someone mention "Loving You"?... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W57mOWoUhCk Pure magic for just over a fiver (there's one on MusicStack right now at £8.99). Couldn't complain if it were £899. Detroit quality of the highest calibre
  13. New List

  14. Audrey Matthews - I Have No Choice

    I guess that answers my question then. Not worth taking the chance of playing it out. Shame, as in my opinion it's actually the better version. And I stress that's only in my opinion! lol
  15. Audrey Matthews - I Have No Choice

    Ok, before I consider this any further am I likely to get lynched by the soul police if I were to play this out? If so, no point in considering any further.

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