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  1. Priscilla Page - I'm Pretending / Throw A Poor Dog A Bone - Topper (T101RM ) Rarer mix with no tambourine..Vg++ clean labels ..150 Please pm if interested
  2. Looking for a sellable value on this ..Rarer RM Mix without tambourine.
  3. briktf

    Priscilla Page : I'm Pretending. Topper

    RM mix here for sale ,if interested
  4. briktf

    3 to go

    Dean Courtney - Love , You Just Can't Walk Away / Betcha Can't Change My Mind - MGM Demo Vg+ (plays loud n proud) 175 on hold Little Jimmy Scott - It Rained 40 Days And Nights / Do You Get The Message - Giant ( 40 days side has a lot of marks etc but plays strong.. message side is more Vg- and crackly) 120 Jay D Martin - By Yourself / Hold On To Your Heart - Tower Demo (lots of marks etc but plays strong.. styrene original) 100 sold
  5. briktf

    Montclairs, Jack Montgomery

    Two Crackers (litellary) The Montclair's - Hey You ! Don't Fight It / Never Ending Love - Arch ..this 45 is cracked and has been taped on bside. Plays through strong ,little noise at start. Plays better than it looks. 275 Jack Montgomery - My Dear Beloved / Do You Believe It - Scepter .. this is also cracked but plays strong both sides ,minimal background noise ..fine for DJing 100 Please pm if interested
  6. briktf

    Some for Sunday

    Big Frank & The Essences -I Won't Let Her See Me Cry / The Secret - Blue Rock Ex 275 The Capreez - How To Make A Sad Man Glad / It's Good To Be Home Again - Sound ( vinyl original ) has lots of light wispy marks but retains its gloss and plays great 120 The Shufflers - Always Be Mine / When The LightsAre Low - Crackerjack Vg++/Vg+ not trashed like most 75 The Ojays - I'll Never Forget You / Pretty Words - Imperial Demo ..this was cracked but has been glued successfully and plays fine 50 Clifford Binns - You've Got To Help Me - Orange Carrie ..this has been covered up and labels are in bad condition.. led to believe this is the actual copy c/u by Richard at the Casino. Vinyl Vg++ 75 Please pm if interested
  7. briktf

    A Few To Go

    The Hytones - Bigger And Better / I've Got My Baby - Abet Demo ( this has lots of marks ,scratches etc but plays fine for DJing ) 250 Dusty Wilson - Can't Do Without You / Life's Not Worth Living - Vg plays great 150 Danny Moore - Somebody New / Here Comes Summer - Allrite Ex + 75 Jimmy Cornwell - To Much / Let It all Out - Gemini Vg+ plays great 70 Jimmy Ruffin - Don't Feel Sorry For Me / Heart - Miracle (lots of light marks,wisps etc but has gloss and plays fine ) 50 Please pm if interested
  8. briktf

    The Volumes , Casanova Two

    Casanova Two Sold
  9. briktf

    The Volumes , Casanova Two

    The Volumes - That Same Old Feeling / The Troubles I've Seen - Impact Demo Vg+++ 160 The Casanova Two - We Got To Keep On / I was A Fool - Early Bird Demo Vg++ 150 Please pm if interested
  10. Looking for offers on this. I know what this has went for recently but looking for a fair offer Vg++ few light marks, clean labels. Please pm if interested, will update with bids
  11. briktf

    Betty Lloyd

    Still 550 ..finishes 8pm tonight
  12. briktf

    3 to go

    Soulmasters- sold.. Moses Dillard - sold
  13. briktf

    Betty Lloyd

    Had a a couple of bids on this.. top bid 550 ..closing at 8pm tonight


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