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  1. Scott John

    chelmsford northern soul club

  2. Scott John

    Scott John

  3. Spinning the best of Northern soul , Motown and R&B With Dj's : Paul Spain Scott John Andy Hill Antoni pelaez 9pm - 3am No better way to celebrate the Mod Weekender!!!
  4. Scott John

    [Rs] the show stoppers - how easy your heart forgets me

    the flips good too!
  5. Title: the show stoppers - how easy your heart forgets me Artist: the show stoppers Track: how easy your heart forgets me Label: mgm 1436 uk Record information:
  6. Scott John


    thanks for posting uncle kev going to be a great night!!!
  7. Title: garland green - i can't believe you quit me Artist: garland green Track: i can't believe you quit me Label: uni 55143 usa Record information:
  8. Scott John

    [Rs] norman charles - she's a woman

    Title: norman charles - she's a woman Artist: norman charles Track: she's a woman Label: columbia 4-44223 usa Record information:
  9. Scott John

    [Rs] the dells - believe me

    Title: the dells - believe me Artist: the dells Track: believe me Label: cadet 5649 usa Record information:
  10. Scott John

    [Rs] the buena vistas - boss sauce - "bb"

    in my box now lol
  11. Title: bull & the matadors - the funky judge Artist: bull & the matadors Track: the funky judge Label: toddlin' town TT 108 usa Record information:
  12. Scott John


    great record
  13. Scott John

    [Rs] martha velez - tell mama

    Title: martha velez - tell mama Artist: martha velez Track: tell mama Label: sire 45 - 4111 usa Record information:
  14. Scott John

    [Rs] peter troy - verdict of love

    Title: peter troy - verdict of love Artist: peter troy Track: verdict of love Label: flavor 64-111 usa Record information:


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