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  1. snakepit

    If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    Hello Soshe, I'm well my friend and hope you and everyone as CSC are okeh. Still the best Soul site for great music. I agree that we will probably never know. But I refer to this claim by Paul Clifford as an attempt to counter lazy assumptions , the type of which we see in the media so often. I'm not really bothered who at Soul City coined the phrase, and as I have mentioned before, the glory or shame of using Northern Soul to describe " Our Thing" should probably go to the first promoter who advertised a night as such. All the best Larry
  2. snakepit

    If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    For the umpteenth time, Neil Rushston's book has Paul Clifford saying that his dad, Cliff Clifford " had a brainwave" and marked the boxes " Northern Soul" I.e. it was NOT Godin who invented the term.
  3. Just received an email to say that the Manchester concert has been cancelled due to Lamont's Health. Re-arranged for February 2019.
  4. snakepit

    Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    This track for me "I've got you"
  5. No problem. Re Henry Cosby, he was an original funk brother and played around Detroit with all the players we associate with the funks. (Saxophone/horns). However, if you saw the film "standing in the shadows of Motown", and many subsequent articles , he rarely gets a mention. I think the reason was that following Mickey Stevenson's defection to MGM, Cosby took over the role of the musician's contractor...basically moving from shop floor to management. It seems to me that the others took a dislike to him/the situation, as I'm sure that this has been reported . He co-wrote/produced a lot of Stevie Wonder stuff with Sylvia Moy and Stevie. ( amongst others).
  6. No...Henry Cosby, writer/producer who produced a lot of Stevie's tracks.
  7. snakepit

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    I think you'll find most off his "significant sides" in B&S were uptempo, 60s soul that could be danced to. Suggests he liked that style of soul music.
  8. snakepit

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    Did Dave "coin" the phrase...see above for Cliff Clifford's claim.
  9. snakepit

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    Well it's a start I guess. This , of course, proves the old adage "Success has a thousand fathers, failure is an orphan". But seriously, somebody must have took note of Godin's comments, and thought about using it to promote a 'rare soul' night, as some were being named at the time. I started going to the Wheel around the time of that article. I don't remember the term being used, and perhaps others can say that it was used at other venues. But, the club scene he described was happening before the term was in print, and somebody then took that term on to another level.
  10. snakepit

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    Regarding Dave Godin being the person who invented the term "Northern Soul", Paul Clifford makes the claim that it was his father, Cliff Clifford, who first applied that term to the records being asked for at Soul City. It had always struck me that the credit/blame depending on your outlook, should be given to the first promoter who slapped "Northern Soul" on a flyer/poster/advertisement......without that, NS would have been buried in Godin's Blues and Soul column. Anybody want to name THAT individual.
  11. snakepit

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    Didn't Godin invite like minded individuals to his house/ flat in Kent. Friends sitting around playing blues/r&b records....he certainly did this when forming the TM Appreciation Society. Perhaps Jagger was one of those "swingers and friends" as Godin referred to in his magazines, and maybe fell foul of the "Master".
  12. snakepit

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    My reference to "It's all over now" ( death/Rolling Stones) was in relation to it not being appreciated at Dave's funeral, which I didn't make clear. It was a poor attempt at humour....but your point about Dave's feelings about these covers is well made.
  13. snakepit

    Dave Godin / Mick Jagger

    Don't think the Stones cover of "it's all over now" would have been appreciated.
  14. George Kirby "What can I do"...was a US comedian , known for his TV appearances.
  15. Several Motown artists had tv/acting careers including Bobby Darin, Connie Haines, Barbara McNair, Paul Petersen....Albert Finney as well.


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