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  1. Nittygritty67

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Well, I`d say this is quite miserable
  2. Nittygritty67

    Impressions Poster

    Hi, does anyone know at which cemetery the picture of the Impressions-Lp "Times Have Changed" ("Too late for equality") was taken? Has this cemetery a certain meaning? Thanks, Reinhard
  3. What a fantastic record. Thank you very much.
  4. Nittygritty67

    Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    Indeed, thank you very much.
  5. Nittygritty67

    Horse and Groom, Doncaster - Sunday Chillout Oct 16th

    Thank you both very much. What a song! Great to hear the 45 is not expensive, I´ll try to get this. Best. Reinhard
  6. Nittygritty67

    Horse and Groom, Doncaster - Sunday Chillout Oct 16th

    Could you please tell me, what the first song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_pMOCQkLzM is? Thank you very much, Reinhard
  7. Nittygritty67


  8. Nittygritty67

    If You Didnt Know It Was A Pop Song

    Okay this is sung in italian (in fact it´s written by Ennio Morricone) but wait until it starts after 50 seconds, it´s a hell of a beat ballad:
  9. Nittygritty67

    Simply Red...jules Holland

    I really don`t want to offend nobody but when I hear the voice of Mick Hucknall I`ve got a feeling like a slug is creeping over my cock.
  10. Nittygritty67

    Butch Williams Of The Heartbreakers. New Vinyl Release

    I´d also like to have one. Thank you, Reinhard
  11. Nittygritty67

    Delreys, Limitations, Kent Promo Etc

    Hi, I have the following records for sale. Please send me your offers until 16th of April to Reinhard.Jellen [at] gmx.de Delreys Incorporated "Destination Unknown" (Tampete) vg++ Record has on its A-Side "TAMPETE-5444-A" and on its B-Side "TAMPETE-5544-B" on its run out. OFFERS Delreys Inc. - Destination Unknown (edit).mp3 Limitations "I´m Lonely, I´m Troubled" (Bacone) vg++ OFFERS Limitations - I'm lonely I'm troubled (edit).mp3 Bileo "You Can Win" (Watts City Records) vg++ OFFERS Bileo - You can win (edit).mp3 Velvet Hammer "Happy" (Soozi) vg+ OFFERS Velvet Hammer - Happy (edit).mp3 Kent Promo LP featuring Art Gentry "This Is My Chance" vg++ Sleeve is pretty worn but the record is in fine condition. OFFERS Art Gentry - This is my Chance (edit).mp3 For each record I have a certain amount of pounds in mind, if it doesn´t go up to this, the record goes back into my box. Price includes registered mail cost from Germany. Grading: I referred to the “Soul Source Grading System” being provided at the following link: http://www.soul-sour...-abbreviations/ Thanks for looking. Sorry for the pictures, I´ve got almost no clue about computers! Reinhard Pictures and sound clips are taken from the actual records
  12. Clarence Carter - Next To You
  13. Nittygritty67

    60's Northern Soul 100Mph

    Viola Wills - I Got Love (Bronco) Omph!
  14. Nittygritty67

    Soul Food Allnighter

    DJ`s Leo Ernst , Reinhard Jellen, Florian Keller & guest Hubert Erb (Libella, Munich Soulnight) play Modern, Northern Soul, Tamla Motown, R&B and Funk. a little virtual warm-up:
  15. Nittygritty67

    New Vinyl Recommendations

    The demoversion of George Smallwood "Disco Lady" isn´t bad either:


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