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    looking for enyone that used to go into the crystal bowl in 1966 my late mum used to meet my dad in this place is name is dave owens am trying to find him he was name has my dad on my mum divorce he had to pay for this divorce on the 4th of feb 1969 at leeds court my mum husband was peter thomas he said he was not my dad that dave owens was if enyone know him or if you see this please get in touch my mum lied to him saying i was not his child but he is i have been looking 30 years now also jermay kyle show is looking for has well am on face book trudie thomas and my profile piture has my mum photo when she was in the crystal bowl
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  1. this was taken in the crystal bowl 1966 jean thomas on the right pam speed on the left
  2. the lady on the right is my mum jean thomas and her friend was pam speed my mum past away and ive just gone throught her photo last nite
  3. my mum used to go in this crystal bowl in 1966 she used to meet my dad david owens there he is my dad and am trying to find him
  4. am looking for enyone that used t go in the crystal bowl in the 1966 my mum was jean thomas use to go in there to meet a dave owens he is my dad he this man does not know about me but he saw me when i was 6 weeks old at leeds at a flat there my mum was stopping there with a woman called barbra my mum husband come to the flat and so did dave come to the flat dave owen asked my mum if i was his she said no then her husband ask the same question and my mum said no she lied to dave at this point on the 4th of feb 1969 at leeds court my mum divorce peter thomas her husband at the time dave owen was named on the divorce paper and he had to pay 15 sillings for the divorce he was named has my dad i found this out when i was 16 of other person i knew when i was 19 year old i found the divorce papers in my mum wardrob i read it and found out the truth i have been looking every since for him i lost my mum jean thomas and the divorce paper was lost that was the only prove i had until now photos i found where my mum meet dave owens does eny one know him or where he jermary kyle is also looking for him am on face book trudie thomas if dave see this or enyone that know him please contact me many thanks am getting married in july and i want my dad to give me away

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