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  1. Georgie Fame Daylight Island Demo Ex (lovely clean copy) £30 Coke Escoveda ..I Wouldn’t Change a Thing jazz funk “12” (hard to find) nice copy £30 Regime Never Gonna Stop/Deuzy Vibe Izipho mint (2 great Sides) £30 splatter copy Calvin Arnold Satisfy My Woman IX Chains (nice White Demo) Ex £15 Lee Williams Dave it All For You/I Can Make Mistakes Too Black Circle WD (2 great crossover tracks) Ex £20 Donna Allen Joy And Pain BCM Pic sleeve £6 Bo Kirkland Ruth Davis Your Gonna Get Next To Me EMI pic sleeve NM £6 Maxine Brown I can’t Get Along Without You Common
  2. JDs Time machine Kiss Of Freedom ft Cleveland P Jones Izipho Mint Rex Hush Pull Over mint Jeremy Turgeon Quintet Blessed/Mistakes mint Eddie Floyd/ Barbara Carr.. Guess It wasn’t meant to Be Mint Sounds of Superbad Vibration mint....All £10 including post California Playboys Just Say A Four Letter Word Kent select mint £8 Bo Kirkland Ruth Davis Your Gonna Get Next To Me EMI ...Ex/Nrmint £6 Donna Allen Joy And Pain Bcm mint- £6 maxine Brown I Can’t Get Along Without You Commonwealth Ex £12 2 mixed bundles see pics £30 each including post .. pl
  3. All in nice shape although 2 without centres .. shelf fillers really but some great tunes .. add £2.50 up to 3 45s posted in uk TMG 705 722 793 808 821 830 835 840 854 857 888 861(noc)878 888(noc) can take £50 including post for all of them Marvin Gaye Too Busy Thinking Temps I Can’t Get Next To You Supremes/four Tops You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart Temps Take A Look Around Supremes Automatically Sunshine Supremes Your Wonderful Sweet Sweet Love Jnr Walker Take Me Girl I’m Ready Temps Masterpiece Gladys Knight Help Me Make It Through T
  4. Post included on these .. Nice US Motown copy spare ..David Ruffin Walk Away From Love Motown M-£10 Regime Never Gonna Stop/Duezy Vibe Zp52 mint unplayed (splatter vinyl copy)£22.50SOLD Sounds Of Superbad Vibration Zp56 Mint unplayed £14.50 Jds Time Machine ft Cleveland P Jones Kiss Of Freedom ZP59 mint unplayed (nice pic sleeve aswell ) £14.50 Coffee Casanova Delite Ex £6SOLD Bo Kirkland Ruth Davis Your Gonna Get Next To me EMI M-£6 Donna Allen Joy And Pain BCM pic sleeve M- £6 please pm me if interested.. many thanks Stu
  5. Gary you are already on my list ha .. good job to as think they almost gone in pre order .. I love them both but quite a few of my regular buyers not taken by them
  6. Latest from Izipho out March 4th 2 sublime 45s / Ed Nelson ..I’LL GIVE YOU A RING/ Apple And The 3 Oranges TRUE LOVE WILL NEVER DIE ZP60 (Side A raw and raunchy 70s sound reissued here off his own Sagittarius label Edward Apple Nelson from Los Angeles and on the flip the emotionally deep True Love Will Never Die) ZP61 3 super sounds on one 45 Richard Marks LOVE IS GONE/DONT TAKE IT OUT ON ME(both taken from his solitary shout 45)backed with his final release the obscure 80s ballad..I CANT STAND (being alone without you) both @ £12 each add £2.50 please pm me to pre order no
  7. £23 posted in uk from the 2nd press £30-£75 on discogs now please pm me if interested Never Gonna Stop/Deuzy Vibe Izipho
  8. Eddie foster I never knew still there mate as will take it please regards Stu
  9. One Regime Never Gonna Stop /Deuzy Vibe Izipho splatter copy left here ..happy to take £25 for it mint unplayed lots now on discogs £30-£75 add £2.50 uk post Coke Escovada I Wouldn’t Change A Thing Jazz Funk “12” backed with Barry White Playing Your Game Baby Ex £30 2 great sides hard to find johnny Bristol..Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me Ariola Hansa “12” Ex £8 classic 70s modern SOLD add £4 post on “12s” mix of 9 TMGs & 1 Stateside all Ex to near mint 2 with no middles Gladys Knight/supremes/ Marvin/Temps/ Eddie Kendrick /Diana Ross/junior Walker £33 including p
  10. All Vg + or better odd one with label ringwear (nothing major) a few ABC sleeves ..£9 each £2.30 uk post £108 total would sell as job lot £95 including post Gypsy Woman People Get Ready/I’ve Been Trying Since I Lost The One I Love Talking About My Baby/Never To Much Love keep On Pushing/I Love You Yeah Im So Proud I Need You I Loved And I Lost Too Slow You Must Believe Me/See The Real Me Sometimes I Wonder Senorita I Love You ..Vee Jay label pics on request nice set with a couple of obvious ones missing please Pm m
  11. Johnny Bristol “12” Love No Longer has a hold on me Ariola Hansa Ex (modern room Classic) £10 Coke Escovada/Barry White .I Wouldn’t Change A Thing/Playing Your Game Baby(instrumental) Jazz Funk “12” Ex £30 (hard to find on this unofficial release 2 quality tunes tho) David Ruffin Walk Away From Love TMG 1017 M- £6 (every home should have one found a couple of spares ) Junior Walker What Does it Take.Soul Ex £6 Steamboat The Drifters Atlantic M- £12(great early R&B ) Maxine Brown .. I Can’t Get Along Without You Commonwealth Ex £12 (nice crossover) Jds Time
  12. Pack 1 £35 includes uk post SOSB ft Robert Imtunes Owens Vibration ZP56 mint (top drawer no 1 in the soul chart recently) JDs Time machine Kiss of Freedom mint ZP59 (new Izipho release) Junior Walker ..These Eyes TMG 727 Ex (every home should have one) Rex Hush Pull Over mint ZP55 California Playboys Just Say A Four Letter Word/Shes a Real Sweet Woman Kent select mint Jeremy Turgeon Quintet ft Cleveland P Jones Blessed Mint ZP45 ————————————————- pack 2 £35 includes uk post Donna Allen Joy And Pain BCM m- in nice pic sleeve Maxine Brown
  13. My mistake found one more £15.80 posted in uk pm me ASAP if you want it as sold out everywhere Regime Never Gonna Stop/Deuzy vibe Izipho ZP52
  14. All good thank you money received Jac enjoy

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