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  1. soul kitten

    Tony Hatfield./ John Parker

    if you look on york soul club web site you ll get tonys number
  2. soul kitten

    Jocelyn Turpins Charity Night 29/4/11 York

    still hard to believe that the lovely Joss is no longer with us , She was so full of life and taken away far too young Cancer is such a cruel disease by holding this charity night we can make sure that Jocelyn s wishes to raise awareness of this will continue. though shes not here she would have loved this and im quite sure she ll be there in spirit xxxx
  3. soul kitten

    Boomerang (Thorne) - Saturday 14Th May 2011

    this will be my first outing in a while and im so looking forward to it , i love this place and havent been for a while so really really cant wait
  4. soul kitten

    Taddy 'riley Smith Hall'

    now thats harder to believe than all this here debate be worth the admission fee just to see that gutted could nt go now :yes:
  5. soul kitten

    Boomerang 15Th May

    Fantastic Night says it all ,dont need to add anything else xxÂ
  6. soul kitten

    *boomerang* Thorne - Saturday 15 May '10

     am definatley coming to this cant wait, have missed  Thorne nights far too much for my liking ,only downside is im working that weekend they ll just have to look after themselves on SundayÂ
  7. soul kitten

    Easington Welfare 13/03/2010

    as a certain someone is having a significant birthday around this time we shall be in attendance apparently the bath had better be full lol
  8. soul kitten

    Boomerang (Thorne) - Saturday 6Th February 2010

    am gutted we are all ill and on antibiotics so no partying for us tonight sure you ll have a great night
  9. soul kitten

    Rugby's 7Th Anniversary All-Niter - Sat 13Th Feb '10

    me and the boys will be there , hopefully i lose them as soon as i get there and see all the lovely girls
  10. soul kitten

    Boomerang (Thorne) - Saturday 6Th February 2010

    fingers crossed be my first soul night of the year as will have been paid ,looking forward to it already xx
  11. soul kitten

    Riley Smith Hall, Tadcaster

    hope you have a good one im at staff christmas do so wont be attending cant speak for the other half mind as he keeps attending soul night without telling me he s going Sharon
  12. soul kitten

    M. K. Soul. York

    hoping to be there , anyone got a cd for me think i could collapse if you have Mick
  13. soul kitten

    Rugby Niter...12/9/09

    really enjoyed our trip down to Rugby , i know everyone says it but it really is a great friendly atmosphere and i just love the place .well worth the long journey . im not going to mention Di s spot as she s had far too much praise ,unless you are on about the ones she got on the way home great to see all the girls we really are all mad  Steve is prepared to do it all again in November yipee cant wait well done everyone xx
  14. soul kitten

    Rugby All-Niter 12Th September

    Calm down Di :lol: ok am giddy now ,see everyone later ,may have to put Di in the boot on the way downÂ
  15. soul kitten

    Rugby All-Niter 12Th September

    we will be there very early as we are bringing Di with us and she ll be far too excited it we leave too late she could burst hope you make it Bearsy be good to see you and Marie for a bit longer this time .


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