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  1. ......And two from me please...... Sharon Mcmann-Got to find another guy-Karen Arabians-Let me try-Staff Thanx wilxy
  2. As Always with BVAN, the Team.....Chatroom attendees, and the Music= Quality ! Thanks Guys wilxy
  3. Right then Pete, 4 more it is, and "on the fours" also...... Luther Ingram-If it's all the same to you-HIB Cecil Washington-I don't like to lose-Prophonics Mikki Farrow-Set my heart at ease-Karate Dynamics-I need your love-RCA Let's get the celebrations started Martin......"See you on the 'VAN" cheers wilxy
  4. Three new recent additions to the wilxy household, as my choices for the next Radio King "meeting of the likeminded" Bottom & co.-You're my life-Motown Final Decisions-You're my sunshine-Hi-C Bill Wright-A man in love-Midtown Thanx Guys...."See you all Saturday night".... wilxy.......
  5. Wanted in Ex condition, either in demo or issue format PLEASE PM me ONLY with fixed price etc. Thanks.....
  6. until

    The bar was set high from the outset, and TBH, the whole night will take some beating ! Incredible eclectic selection of Soul Music, that would have taken the roof off within a real venue!!! I woke up today buzzing with the feelgood factor, and considering enjoyment in general has been at a premium during this dreadful pandemic and lockdown, it is with sincere gratitude to the Bury crew, for making the "BVAN", the "musical vehicle" of escapism on such a regular basis! You are a credit to the Soul Community, and I salute you! Thank You.... wilxy
  7. until

    "Chomping at the bit" for tomorrow evenings' soiree, No distractions in any form tomorrow!!! "see you all on the B-VAN"......via the Radio King chatroom, anyway. wilxy.....
  8. until

    My 2 anniversary choices this week please- Larry Banks-Don't pull away-Spring Brendetta Davis-I can't make it without him-Liberty Just to add both my congratulations on reaching a milestone, and sincere appreciation for the efforts of the BVAN "crew"..... Thanks..... wilxy
  9. Two words, that sums up the BVAN request night......Awesome/Thanks... (Oh and Very Well done Martin) wilxy
  10. Hiya Pete, Great to see another All Request Night, which I always enjoy, as well as the Regular BVAN.....anyway and respectfully adhering to your 4 totals, I've done 2 X 4's in case you need some additional items for any reason ! Anyway I'll give you 2 choices or whatever, of recent incoming Detroit related vinyl to wilxy's abode, and hope they are OK with the BVAN faithfull.... Louis Curry-Captivated-MS Jimmy Soul Clark-Nothing like a mother-Teek Damn Sam the miracle man- Damn Sam the miracle man-Tay-ster Kelly St. Clair-You took my heart-Millage F
  11. Nice one Pete......
  12. until

    Indeed, Very Well Done Simon, Very Much Appreciated !
  13. Excellent - many thanks

  14. until

    No Lurking from me this Saturday Ste, this will be full on, now I've had my 1st Covid jab .....Bring it on
  15. Brothers of Soul-You better believe it-Boo-SORTED Arabians-Let me try-Staff The above wanted in Ex condition, and original US releases, PLEASE PM if you have a copy of either at set sale price.... Thanks Mike Wilks

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