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    Mike Wilks
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    Newport County Football Club, 60's Detroit Soul......
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    Love Newport.....Live Cheltenham......
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    The Way you've been acting lately-Al Kent

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  1. until

    My twopenneth worth please Simon..... Nancy Butts-I want to hold your hand baby-Flaming Arrow Sue & Mel-Can't do without me (I get lonely)-Startrack Thanks wilxy
  2. until

    A couple of downtempo items for me please Simon, if indeed there is room, for them...... Terry Felton-I don't want to wait-Revilot Little Ann-Deep shadows-Kent (deep soul series) Thanks wilxy
  3. until

  4. Nancy Butts, I want to hold your hand baby, on Flaming Arrow.......Lovin' it.....
  5. until

    TBH, I caught the first 4 hours on Radio King, but couldn't really appreciate it as usual due to feeling pretty poorly, so lurked for a whiIe .....I thought today would relish the ability to grasp mixcloud, having upgraded my router.....to no avail....I'll be on Radio King in a while a bit later, still frustrated, but up for A Good BVAN.........
  6. until

    Hi Tom, Mixcloud is a no-go, but the Detroit wants is ongoing........With some degree of success
  7. until

    Mellow Souls.....Hairs on the back of the neck stuff................
  8. until

    God knows how I'm on here as well as Radio Newark at the same time.....Bring back the Abacus LOL......
  9. until

    I'm afraid not Mick, I have tried all sorts within my limitations, but it seems my broadband is the issue???? I will persevere within my comfort zone until some sort of normality resumes (it's a long story......)
  10. until

    Happy New Year to ALL, fellow "BVANNERS", "see you" tomorrow night in the Radioking chatroom..... cheers wilxy
  11. If anyone has copies of either of the following, PLEASE PM ME, thanks... Sue & Mel-Can't do without me-Startrack SORTED...... Arabians-Let me try-Staff cheers wilxy
  12. until

    I can only echo The Jackos sentiment, and add how very impressed I was with the Young Guns overall musical knowledge. enthusiasm, and taste....Great stuff, and very much appreciated! Thanks wilxy
  13. until

    Just one word needed, to sum up last night......AWESOME..... Thank you wilxy
  14. until

    If I'm not too late, could I please request Rena Scott-I finally found a love-Epic, and the Volumes-Am I losing you -Karen....If at all possible Team BVAN? See you in the Radio King chatroom, on Saturday night.... wilxy

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