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  1. JJ Barnes Lucille

    Rob Moss....
  2. JJ Barnes Lucille

    Rob Moss (on here) should have a copy at Hayley Records.

    R.I.P Sir.....
  4. Jim smirk

    RIP Jim......
  5. Sad news. Francis Terry Thomas- RIP

    Very Sad News, R.I.P Sir........
  6. Brenda Holloway-We'll keep on rolling

    Apologies, but should have elaborated....Where did the backing track originate from....Studio wise?
  7. Could anyone kindly confirm where the backing track for this track originated from please? Kind Regards wilxy
  8. Ireland V Wales S4C

    Thanks for the info Mike, Anything less than a win tonight could mean elimination....
  9. Yet another great offering from Detroit , courtesy of Kent, and very much appreciated....Thanks Ady.
  10. News: Bobby Freeman RIP

    R.I.P Sir.....
  11. Tommy Tate; Sad news

    R.I.P Sir......
  12. Steve Crozier (Gateshead) RIP

    R.I.P Buddy.......
  13. Hayley Records - New Year greetings

    Happy New Year Rob.....Keep 'em coming! Kind Regards wilxy
  14. Top Motown Floorshakers?

    Would like to add the Ivy Jo Hunter VIP tracks.....would have loved to have heard his Album, sadly never to be released