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    Newport County Football Club, 60's Detroit Soul......
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  1. Wanted, a few Jack Ashford produced items I regret letting go recently! All must be in minimum Ex condition Sandra Richardson-Stay here with me-InterSoul Ray Gant & Arabian Knights-Don't leave me baby-Jay Walking Perfections-Since I lost my baby_Drumhead PLEASE PM ONLY............... Thanks wilxy
  2. until

    As previously mentioned, all of the re-loaded sets sound even more brilliant, second time around, and as I haven't heard a "duffer" of a set since the BVAN conception, I'd feel aggrieved to choose one over another, therefore my choice is any one from the roster who hasn't yet been re-loaded ! Yet again, the only disappointment of the "virtuals" is they have to end, (whether I'm one of the last on-line, or inadvertently I doze off at the "controls" with my earphones in place!), irrespective of them being real-time or reloaded, and I find myself counting down the time to the weekend arriving once again........ Anyway my two choices for this weekends All-Request hour, are slightly downtempo Detroit ditties- Eddie Parker-Crying Clown-Spectrum 4 Sonics plus one-Lost without you-Sepia Looking forward to all your superb company once again......Roll on Saturday wilxy
  3. until

    I can't wait ......as per every Saturday evening, see you later fellas!
  4. until

    My best mate "Taff" has requested an earlier more leisurely walk prior to the all-request hour, tomorrow evening and he's asked IF there's any room left, could he hear Eddie Parker-Body chains and Softouch-After you give your all, both on Prodigal.......please
  5. until

    Two of the three Stephanye releases for me please Simon... Shirley J. Scott -Goose pimples Prophets-My kind of girl Thanks wilxy
  6. until

    Yet again, a splendid night, presented by all of the DJ's, and TBH couldn't wave a feeler gauge between any of them as they were all superb (apologies to Eire, and Brian, but age and certain beverages have an impact on old timers like me sadly, but I'm sure I'll catch up in due course, thanks to Simon!) I would however like to praise two of the youngest entertainers in our midst....Jordan and Charles.....If the future of our superb "scene" is in your hands....I only wish I was in my younger years again! Class! Roll on next Saturday, wilxy
  7. until

    "See you all in the chatroom shortly!"
  8. until

    Absolutely Simon, and he can dance.....better than me!
  9. until

    I walk the dog before, and not during Simon......LOL, He knows it's Saturday........
  10. until

    Roll on 7 o'clock.......
  11. until

    Come on Ste, you are an integral part of the chatroom........
  12. until

    The weekend is here again, Friday afternoon is vinyl afternoon in my house.....Original Vinyl Only, irrespective of opinion, and the content is across the board in my abode, albeit mainly Detroit biased! 60's/70's/ 80's, Bury virtual all-nighter has given me an absolute aim, to maintain an interest, which prior to Bury TBH was on the decline......You should have medals awarded to you for what you have achieved as "Soul Saviours".....If it wasn't for yourselves and the superb Saturday nights, I would have been written off from a Soul perspective, and possibly moreover. I cannot remember being as enthusiastic about "our music" since my initial induction in 1974! Following my early retirement last xmas, have accrued more knowledge, than previous, and so look forward to each Bury Virtual all-nighter! I have visited many actual all-nighters since becoming involved, and have had some of the best times of my life in attendance.....I hope I can repay the brilliant effort by the Bury Virtual crew by buying you all a "pint" in the near future! Yo are an absolute credit , to a superb Soul scene..... wilxy x
  13. until

    Another superb night in great company.....Goodnight Fellow Virtuallers...
  14. until

    Thanks Martin, Loved doing it.....
  15. until

    Bring on the Bury Virtual All-Nighter........Can't wait !

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