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    Newport County Football Club, 60's Detroit Soul......
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    Love Newport.....Live Cheltenham......
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    The Way you've been acting lately-Al Kent

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  1. wilxy

    News: Ronnie Walker RIP

    R.I.P Sir......
  2. wilxy

    Dave Clegg

    R.I.P Sir........
  3. wilxy

    Tommy Frontera (Detroit) - who was he ?

    I remember my last visit to the U.S. back in 2005, based in Bradenton Florida, I flew to Detroit in more "Homage than Hope" of finding any Motor City obscurities, and although accruing quite a lot of average bits and pieces in Hamtrammk, following a visit to 2648 West Grand Boulevard etc. on my return to Florida, came across a small stocked shrift shop in Bradenton (vinyl wise), which had only two items of interest, one being a nice copy of Tommy Frontera, for ten cents.... Still Have it and Still Love it.....God Bless You Tommy........
  4. wilxy

    Leicester City - Helicopter Crash

    Very sad news......
  5. wilxy

    Manor Suite Porthcawl

    Nice One Ken, Forgot about that piece in Shades Of Soul.....Loved the Manor suite and miss the likes of Edwin, who was possibly the Most Underrated DJ in South Wales BAR NONE! He was playing stuff in those days that many of the Dj's of the future wished they had at the time! As I've previouslyI said Great Great Times.......
  6. wilxy

    Manor Suite Porthcawl

    I remember attending in the 90's, can't be specific datewise? and still have some of the fliers in my attic, which I'll dig out in due course!
  7. What a Great and Passionate Character........ Respect.
  8. wilxy

    Manor Suite Porthcawl

    Fantastic venue, which I frequented regularly during its' tenure.... great times indeed!
  9. Whoops, we looked less than ordinary tonight.......Sadly!
  10. If the Danes put out another scratch side, we could have another goalfest, however if they are at full strength it could be a little tight!
  11. Hi Mike, That was the best Wales performance, I've seen for a long time! The Passing was sublime, All of the goals were superb, I doubt Ireland would have taken any competitive game so lightly? I just hope Ryan Giggs is more compelled to producing such exhiliarating football through the available players, than he was to putting on the Welsh Shirt himself.......COME ON WALES......!
  12. wilxy

    Living Room DJ

    First time for me, but have had a great afternoon with a rather eclectic mix....... Bitter & the Sweet-I won't have any babies for you-Anything/Everything Cynthia & Imaginations-Love is real-Blue rock Johnnie Mae Matthews-Here comes my baby-Blue rock Albert Jones-Up to the sun-Bumpshop Technics-Hey girl don't you leave me-Chex Moniques-Baby don't leave me-Darrel'Rie Precisions- My lover come back-D-Town GloriaWalker/Chevelles-Baby you hit the spot-Flaming arrow Jock Mitchell-No mad woman-Golden Hit Shades of Blue-how do you save a dying love-Impact Jackie Beaver(s)- Lover come back-Jaber Karen Stribling-We-re not too young-Jaber Volumes-Ain't gonna give you up-Karen Vee Vee-With or without your permission-Movement Majestees-Take back all these things-Mutt Softouch-After you give your all-Prodigal Cecil Washington-I don't like to lose-Prophonics Dynamics-I need your love-RCA Lois Curry-You're just plain nice-Reel JJ Barnes-Please Let me in-Ric-Tic Fantastic four-Live up to what she thinks-Ric-Tic Al Kent-The Way you been acting lately-Ric-Tic Milton Wright-Like a rolling stone-Satiron Fellows-Let's make it last-Solid Hit Gary Haines-Keep on going-Sound Doni Burdick-Bari Track-Sound Impressions 4 Sonics-Easier said than done-Sport Herman Lewis-Who's that kissing you tonight-StoneBlue Mark-Keys-My sweet baby-TCB Charmaine-Send your baby back to me-Temple Rhetta Hughes-You're doing it with me....Tetragrammaton Perfections-Girl you better hurry-Tri-City Clara Hardy-I dream of you-Tuna Volumes-I got love-Twirl Fred Hughes-Don't let me down-Vee-Jay Rose St.John/Wonderettes-Fool don't laugh-Veep Exportations-I want you-Virro United Image-Love's creeping up on me-Volt Roz Ryan-You're my only temptation-Volt Dramatics-Your love was strange-Volt Timmy Shaw-I'm a lonely guy-Wand Houston Outlaws-Ain't no telling-Westbound Cody Black-I will give you love-Wheelsville Steve Mancha-Did my baby call-Wheelsville Silky Hargreaves-I'm gonna keep on trying-Wheelsville Cheers wilxy
  13. wilxy

    News: Sad News - Eddie Willis RIP

    I can only echo the previous posts, I was very priviliged to have witnessed the "Funk Brothers" UK tour, some years back.....I can only hope they are the welcoming band at the "golden gates".....in the long distant future! Rest Well Sir.........
  14. wilxy

    RIP Aretha

    R.I.P Aretha..........
  15. Wanted, In minty condition, a US copy of Willie Hutch-Mark of the beast LP, PLEASE PM ME with asking price, but please don't ask for offers....Thanks


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