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    Newport County Football Club, 60's Detroit Soul......
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    Love Newport.....Live Cheltenham......
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  1. R.I.P Sir.....
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  2. Two items wanted..... Tata Vega-I need you now-Tamla (issue or WD.) Supremes/Four Tops-Taste of honey-(Any legitimate 7 inch format) Please PM me with price and details, and I will reply ASAP. Kind Regards Mike Wilks
  3. Whilst I can't say I knew Barrie personally, my condolences go out to his family and friends irrespective! I did however frequent the Blackpool Casino on several occasions whilst "holidaying" in Blackpool in amongst my "Mecca " visits and did (as was "the norm" in those days) , acquire one of the pictured badges, whilst enjoying myself in the process! Great days remembered, and furthermore respect to Barrie......R.I.P Sir.....
  4. Inter City Soul Club at Yate courtesy of the late John Harvey, and of course Wigan Casino 1974/5.....Wish I could have those times back........
  5. R.I.P Sir......
  6. A few items for sale, please PM for any reservations / questions etc. Tobi Lark-I'll steal your heart-Palmer WD-VG+£150 Danny Woods-90 days in the county jail-Smash WD-VG+£100 Hank Johnson-Lost love-Ten High-VG+-£100 Black Eyed Peas-Smallest man alive-Ultra City-Ex-£125 Deena Johnson-I'm a sad girl-Simpson WD--Ex-£35 SOLD Gloria Taylor-Total Disaster-Mercury-WD--Ex-40 Herman Lewis -Think before you walk away-Mercury WD-Ex-£20 Paypal accepted, all inclusive of signed for postage. Any issues, please return for no quibble refund.... wilxy
  7. Ignorance on my part, I'm afraid, sometimes not flipping the vinyl over, and well a sad mistake, but thanks for a kick up the backside, and listening belatedly to a class track.....
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  8. Vinyl out for the first time today after a few shite weeks, and heavily 60's orientated sprinkled with a few 70's once again Detroit related! Volumes-I just can't help myself-American arts Calvin Williams-It don't matter at all-Atco Jack Montgomery-Don't turn your back on me-Barracuda Falcons-Love look in her eyes-Big Wheel Fabulous Impacs-My Baby-Bomb Celebrations-You didn't tell the truth-Boss Betty Lavette-I feel glad all over-Calla Four Pro's -Just another girl-Carla Free & Easy-Peace & Love-Carol G Othea George-What a good thing you had in me-Chex Emanuel Laskey-I'd rather leave on my feet-DT Ronnie M'cNeir-Isn't she apretty girl-De.To Dee & Flo/ Dee-ettes-This or that-DeeWolf E.J & the Echoes-You're gonna hurt-Diamond Jim Lee Jennings-Going and get it-Dotty's Cody Black-Too many irons in the fire-D-Town Eddie Hill-I can see you crying-Ge-Ge Lorraine Chandler -What can I do-Giant Mike & Ray-If only you knew-Giant Adorables-Ooh boy-Golden World Jackie Beavers-Bring me all of your heartaches-Grandland Steve Mancha-Friday night-Groovesville Darrow Fletcher-Gotta draw the line-Groovy Luther Ingram-If it's all the same to you-HIB Duke Browner-Crying over you -Impact Volumes-Same old feeling-Impact Deena Barnes-Who am I -Inferno September Jones-I'm coming home-Kapp Hesitations-I'll be right here-Kapp Tony Hestor-I just can't leave you-Karate Mikki Farrow-Set my heart at ease-Karate James Shorter-Ready for the heartbreak-Labeat Masqueraders-How-Labeat Arabians-Please take a chance on me-Le mans Rufus Wonder-Under the moon-Lendo Brewster crew-I'm the one who know-Lifeline Tobi Legend-Time will pass you by-Mala Edward Hamilton-Baby don't you weep-Mary Jane Edward Hamilton-I'm gonna love you-Mary Jane Chalfontes-He loves me-Mercury Jimmy Hart-Tea House in Chinatown-Mercury More to follow in due course! Cheers wilxy
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  9. Pleased to say that I visited both the Blackpool Casino (on the edge of the fairground) and was lucky enough to have also attended The Highland room which was another great experience on a few occasions prior to its' musical shift, Great Times Indeed ......
  10. A couple of additions from me must include -Baby come home to me -Shorty Long & Temptations-Hey girl from the Cloud nine LP.....
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  11. I must apologise to the late interjection in this thread, but now having read through it, realise how much still the Motown Sound still means to me, whilst I am an avid collector, of said entire portfolio, it was great to be reminded of some of the actual tunes, that I hadn't heard for a while!
  12. I was still getting used to the Abacus in the 90's , let alone mobile phones and internet, but some of the music I had the pleasure of hearing during the decade surpassed my earlier days from the 70's onward, and I'm talking about superb 60's stuff alone, let alone other great items from the 70's/80's....Great Times Indeed......
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  13. Apologies for jumping in, whilst not having read most posts yet, but The Spinners-We're gonna be more than friends "makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up" amongst some great unreleased Motown items!(Released items also included)
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  14. I think it is brilliant that certain labels can release previously unreleased items and if they're available and I like them, why not....I hope it continues, and Good on the people who do it!
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