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    Mike Wilks
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    Newport County Football Club, 60's Detroit Soul......
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    Love Newport.....Live Cheltenham......
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    The Way you've been acting lately-Al Kent

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  1. until

    Looking forward to it as always!
  2. until

    I picked up a Japanese 45 Mowest copy Tom
  3. until

    Two from me please Simon- Odyssey-Battened ships Sisters Love-Give me your love Both on Mowest. Cheers wilxy
  4. until

    Hiya Guys, I apologise for running out of likes, primarily ! "Hare of the dog" today I'm afraid, after a mammoth Soul session yesterday from midday to when my head hit the laptop towards the end of Pete's set!.....(apologies Pete). Without fear of repeating myself, I had an absolute ball yesterday from start to "finish", and whilst I was chuffed to be asked to forward my selection by Simon and Pete, can only reiterate the gratitude for the overall effort it must take to put on these virtual all-nighters, and furthermore / moreover the colossal effort it must have taken to put on yesterdays all day Festival/Soiree, which was an absolutely awesome experience! Thank you very much, you all deserve more than plaudits....including the pucker Dj's who were awesome as always. Furthermore, the virtual friendships struck up in the chatroom......, you make my weekend, every weekend since day one, and can assure you I will be at a future Bury nighter in due course.....I applaud you all Kind Regards wilxy
  5. until

    I truly appreciate the comments guys......Thank you sincerely
  6. until

    Cheers Mick
  7. until

    Humbled guys.....glad you enjoyed it....Long night of superlative soul ahead
  8. until

    Cheers Tom, I might take my dog out at 7pm......
  9. until

    All great stuff, and another exceptional effort in putting on this superb Soul fest!
  10. until

    Thank you John......but I haven't eaten since Thursday, as I knew there would be the appropriate accompanying welcome! Particularly from your goodself.............LOL !
  11. until

    Another superb night of entertainment, Great sets by all, so another Big Thank You! cheers wilxy
  12. until

    Ok , here's a few from me. The Bitter & the Sweet-I won't have any babies for you. Jack Montgomery-Don't turn your back on me. Cynthia & the Imaginary Three-That's what I am. Fabulous Impacs-My baby Celebrities-You didn't tell the truth. Technics-Hey girl don't you leave me Ronnie McNeir-Isn't she a pretty thing Precisions-I wanna tell my baby. Jackie Beavers-Bring me all your heartaches. Volumes-That same old feeling. Jackey Beaver-Lover come back. Hesitations-I'll be right there. Micki Farrow-Set my heart at ease. Rufus Wonder-Under the moon. Chalfontes-He loves me cheers wilxy
  13. until

    Solid Solution-Think about it girl Dee Edwards-I can deal with that The two from me this week please Simon.
  14. until

    I don't think there are a lot more plaudits I can add that have already been very well covered, other than to say that it was musically superb from start to finish, which was a 3-30am departure on my own part,and furthermore the virtual company in the radio chatroom was lively as per usual and a welcome distraction from everyday life! Looking forward to next Saturday..........Cheers wilxy
  15. until

    Just the one from me Simon, if there's room please? Clip my wings-Four Tops

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