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  1. Excellent article Mark! and furthermore with yourself having been very influential on the vinyl habits of many over the years, myself included, it's great to see the overall continual enthusiasm that still exists from a collecting perspective in general! The extensive list whilst certainly not endless contains many records that are still aspirational "quarry" to many enthusiasts, and whilst I'm personally pleased to have acquired several of the aforementioned, will forever drool over the many, I can only dream about .....alas.
  2. until

    I'll be there from 7pm tomorrow evening as per.......Creature of habit I'm afraid, and looking forward to catching up with the like-minded "virtuals" in the Bury chatroom........ cheers wilxy
  3. until

    The Mighty Lovers-Mighty Lover-Boogaloo & Sharpets-Lost in a world of a dream-Sound City Please.... Thanks wilxy
  4. until

    Good on you Martin
  5. until

    As stated in the chat room, am absolutely devastated by the news, but totally understand, considering the effort put in to put this out on a weekly basis, but would just like reiterate the personal gratitude for said effort, and also the great camaraderie online which has been both a blessing and an absolute blast.... Tremendous virtual applause from the South Wales enclave of Bishop's Cleeve in Gloucestershire X
  6. until

    Mid-tempo Motor City pair for me this week, please..... Eldees-Don't be afraid to love-Dynamics Just Brothers-She broke his heart-Empire thanks wilxy
  7. until

    Once again, so eloquently written by the "resident Bury scribe" albeit missed in the chatroom!....It took me a little while last night to get into the Bury groove, having had a difficult day, and without wishing to diss Gene's opening set, which was as anticipated....Bury Class , settled nicely into the groove! As per expectations, all of last nights participating "spinners"came up trumps with some splendid tuneage, and I retired late on , a very happy "punter" ! As always, sincere thanks for the tremendous efforts by all involved in staging this superb Soulful entertainment! It is very much appreciated........Roll on Saturday...... wilxy
  8. Wilxy

    Fathers Day

    Saw my two sons today for the first time in over 3 months, and whilst they are 37 and 33, have missed them terribly, as they both live in Newport/Cardiff (South Wales) and I'm in Gloucestershire, and lockdown rules are different.....Also miss my grandchildren for the same reason.....Oh for normality.....X
  9. until

    Chomping at the bit for Saturday night....bring it on
  10. Just about sums up what I felt on reflection Rick.....
  11. until

    Hi Simon, Two Carla releases from me please.... 4 Pro's-Everybody got some soul 4 Bros-Let it all reach out Thanks wilxy
  12. until

    As already eloquently stated, last nights' soiree was absolutely superb, from start to when I faded away with my earphones in, around 3-30 am, the music was absolute top drawer, and I can honestly say, I didn't hear a duff tune throughout! The question is, How do you improve on perfection.?.......Next Saturday can't come quick enough..... Thanks guys..... wilxy ,
  13. until

    Great Great music as always.....
  14. I actually watched it again, having previously saw it at the cinema, and whilst I could add some critique, don't wish to spoil it for those yet to view.....
  15. until

    Two from me please Simon, both from the later catalogue of great Motown tunes- Gonna find a true love-Bottom & company My mistake-Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye cheers wilxy
  16. until

    Without wishing to sound monotonous, I must say the virtual Bury All-niter has become the highlight of my week, and once again the show delivered from start until my eyes closed once again on-line (it's an age thing), Great Great Music from the off, and must say that Tom Beckett excelled on his debut.....Well done mate, superb set! Like many of our chatroom and Soul Source buddies, my wants list grows to such an extent, that my personal enthusiasm for our great music has been totally rejuvenated, to that same level as when I first got involved in 1974....long may it continue! Looking forward to next week already! Thank you guys.... wilxy
  17. until

    Looking forward to it as always!
  18. until

    I picked up a Japanese 45 Mowest copy Tom
  19. until

    Two from me please Simon- Odyssey-Battened ships Sisters Love-Give me your love Both on Mowest. Cheers wilxy
  20. until

    Hiya Guys, I apologise for running out of likes, primarily ! "Hare of the dog" today I'm afraid, after a mammoth Soul session yesterday from midday to when my head hit the laptop towards the end of Pete's set!.....(apologies Pete). Without fear of repeating myself, I had an absolute ball yesterday from start to "finish", and whilst I was chuffed to be asked to forward my selection by Simon and Pete, can only reiterate the gratitude for the overall effort it must take to put on these virtual all-nighters, and furthermore / moreover the colossal effort it must have taken to put on yesterdays all day Festival/Soiree, which was an absolutely awesome experience! Thank you very much, you all deserve more than plaudits....including the pucker Dj's who were awesome as always. Furthermore, the virtual friendships struck up in the chatroom......, you make my weekend, every weekend since day one, and can assure you I will be at a future Bury nighter in due course.....I applaud you all Kind Regards wilxy
  21. until

    I truly appreciate the comments guys......Thank you sincerely
  22. until

    Cheers Mick
  23. until

    Humbled guys.....glad you enjoyed it....Long night of superlative soul ahead
  24. until

    Cheers Tom, I might take my dog out at 7pm......
  25. until

    All great stuff, and another exceptional effort in putting on this superb Soul fest!

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