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  1. Hi, we're Enrico and Stefano from Italy and we've just uploaded our new mix. An hour and some of rare, not so rare, new and just plain awesome tunes. Hope you enjoy it as we enjoyed selectin' and mixin' the songs, especially because it was the first time we had seen each other after the lockdown.
  2. I don't like so much the cheesy keyboards sound but Curtis here is pure class, as usual. Filmed at the begininn' of the 90ies in Germany. Full set
  3. Hi, Enrico and Stefano from Fire&Ice, here. Or, so to speak, from Lombardy, the epicentre of coronavirus spreadin' in Italy (and the whole Europe, as far as I know). We've a new mix for all of you, tryin' to overcome these tough days listenin' and dancin' in your houses to soul music. Hope you enjoy it
  4. Me and Stefano Oggiano, livin' in the northern part of Italy, the most hurt by coronavirus emergency, had decided to upload a new mix on Mixcloud to help the soul fans who will listen to it to overcome these dark days. We're both experiencin' quarantine, even if we're well and in good health, by now, so we had to prepare the tracks each from his home. We hope we can got back to our monthly night as soon as this emergency will end. By now, we try to stay safe and strong. First of all we stay home to avoid the disease spreadin! Hope you all will enjoy the mix, cheers to all the great soul family.
  5. Hi, we're Enrico and Stefano, Fire&Ice resident djs from Italy. This is our new podcast, with the best stuff issued in 2019. New songs and tunes for the first time on vinyl, from the elusive Carolyn Crawford monster that graced the 6ts rhythm and soul society 40th anniversary single to the alternative versione of the stunning Seville track "Show me the way". In the middle you'll find many other gems. Enjoy it!
  6. Hi! I'm goin' to New York with the wife in a few days for a short holiday. Got any suggestions? Record shops, music venues, bars, places to see etc. Thank you in advance
  7. I was there with my wife, being part of the little italian contingent that Butch mentioned during on of his set. I kept my copy and gave my wife's one (she doesn't collect records luckily ) for free to one friend who couldn't make it for the trip to the 100s. And I won't regret it, no doubt about it.
  8. Big list with a lot of bargains and reductions from previous lists Got picture for everyone, ask me if you're interested. Shipping to UE and UK is £5 and £11 tracked and signed Paypal F+F or add 4% for the fees Pm' me for reservations and any other question WILSON LOVE Funny money Natural Soul EX £240Three/four pops toward the end of the vocal side never overpowering the music PEP BROWN I'm the one who needs you Polydor EX £75 Some scuffs THE MIGHTY ELEGANT I find myself falling in love with you Jaber NM £70 SHARON SOUL His love is amazing Coral NM £70 THE TEMPTATIONS Stay Motown NM £70 SOLD MARVIN SMITH Who will do your running now Mayfield EX £60 Some hairlines on vinyl Wol on flip side JEFF PERRY Call on me Epic EX £60A little bit of styrene pops at the beginnin' of the song Wol on instrumental side ELDRIDGE HOLMES Let's go steady Kansu NM £50 LEE MORRIS I have love for you Starville NM £40 BETTY EVERETT My love to lean on Sound stage seven NM £40 GOT'CHA Makin' love to ya Sterling VG++ £35 BROTHERLY LOVE Whole lotta you in me NM £35 JOHN GATES Tell me you love me Dellwood EX £35 THE FERRY BROTHERS Till' morinin comes Dawnsong NM £35 LINDA PERRY It's all in the back of me now Mainstream VG++ £30 Just a little wear on label ALVAREZ Sooner or later Polydor promo EX £30 WOL on one side DALE DERBY Let's get it together Wesgate EX £30 some little white stains in the dead wax don't affectin' playing FINAL TOUCH I'm ready to give up my love Epic NM £25 Wol on flip BROTHERS BY CHOICE Stay with me NM £25 Label reversed as any other copy OLIVER BUSH Please come back my love Jubilee NM £25 WQBC Love me anyway Thunder bay NM £25 SOLD FABULOUS SHALIMARS Playing a losing game Cotillon EX £20 T.U.M.E. Love shortage Mgm promo NM £20 MOSES I got my mind together Piedmont NM £20 little bubbles around the centre hole GAYLE ADAMS Baby I need your loving Prelude VG++ £20 bubbles on label RALFI PAGAN Wonderful thing Island Uk NM £20
  9. Hi to all of you Here we have the second podcast from our monthly Italian soul night. Over an hour of modern soul selected for your ears pleasure. Hope you'll enjoy it
  10. I'll be there from thursday the 8th to wednesday the 14th
  11. I'm leavin' for Berlin with the wife in a few days to spend my holidays Have you got any tips 'bout the city? Record shops, soul nites, jazz club, sightseeing, food, anything? Any help is great appreciated
  12. Fire & Ice is a monthly soul night in Milano, Italy, with me, Enrico (The night owls, Soul 3000) and Stefano Oggiano (La Pelle Nera, Breakout soul club, Soul Yard) Here's our first mix with crossover and sweet soul tunes from 45 rpm and lp, hope you'll like it: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and, obviously, mixcloud
  13. Something for the weekend QUIET FIRE Lost (Without your love) The Hit machine company NM Awesome late 70ies crossover you don't see so much around these days. The ballad on the flip also is great £100 SOLD THE MASTERS OF MUSIC Trouble don't last alway Lake EX £75 THE TEMPTATIONS Stay Motown NM £75 Saw one copy went some days ago on Soul Source for £85. So if you missed it, here's the opportunity to have it and pay £10 less SAN ANTONIO OWN'S HORIZON They don't make 'em like you AAA NM (picture cover signed by the band is VG++) Great 80ies modern soul don't know why noone has already picked it at this price £60 SOLD ELDRIGE HOLMES Let's go steady Kansu NM £50 BROTHERLY LOVE Whole lotta you in me Robinson & Son NM £40 RALFI PAGAN Wonderful Thing Island Uk NM £20 Shipping from Italy to UK and UE is £10 includin' tracked and signed shipping (strongly recommended for purchases over £50) and £4.50 standard. Other Payment by paypal F+F or buyer coverin' 4% fees Pm' me for reservations or any other question
  14. Still waitin' for that and a lot of other stuff. Italian posts these days are so sloooooooooow. Hope anything didn't get lost
  15. Got any "physical" realease or is it just digital?

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