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  1. YourArsenal

    Sugar Shack Soul Club – New mix

    An hour of soul, r&b, funk and gospel from the Shack…
  2. Answer record of sorts to Sharpees. Gritty, funky, cheap as chips.
  3. YourArsenal

    Soul Patrol / save your love .

    Not 100% if mine is original, but I think it is? Styrene, matrix on "Need Of Love" side has a "MR" stamp, "S-101-X", "Δ87770-x" Edit: Yellow issue, not promo.
  4. Anyone able to tell me the difference between an original and a repro? The matrix on the one I'm looking at has an "O" type thing at about 11 o'clock, "25 9" (I think) at about 2:30, and "DA-333-45" at 6 o'clock.
  5. Stumbled across this at a record fair a while back, and seen it mentioned a few times here and there since. Not bad…
  6. Now that someone finally got this on YouTube… Good uptempo Detroit (I think) R&B.
  7. YourArsenal


  8. My fave version of that Barbara Mason track from a page back. Probably too fast/too garage-y for some, but I love it.
  9. YourArsenal

    Ian Levine Soul Pack's

    Like talcum powder through the hourglass…
  10. Underplayed stormer that will cost you less than a Greater Experience bootleg, and not get you in nearly as much trouble.
  11. YourArsenal

    Are we really gonna let it die with us?

    What if these kids were encouraged to go out and find their own records? Not saying they'd find something completely unknown at this point, but they might find something a bit different that hasn't really had it's day. Would certainly be better than dancing to a copy of the Northern Soul OST.
  12. Fashioneers — Don't You Know / Without You — Blue Rock demo
  13. YourArsenal

    Beachland Ballroom Sunday brunch January 10th

    That Elvis track is great R&B/popcorn style. Lots of great underplayed stuff on this list, way more interesting than seeing the same odd hundred records over and over imo. Nice one
  14. Nice funky r&b that shouldn't break anyone's budget, even in January.


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