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  1. Just curious I got a cheap ex copy yesterday. Keeping it, but just curious
  2. Hey everybody, Was curious as to the value of this particular record (zig zag paper company -just as long as you hold out) It's a damned good tune featured on Ian levine's mixcloud ep. 18. It is, or was, an under the radar tune and wondering if anybody has an idea of what a nice copy should sell for? thanks
  3. Sklag


  4. Hey All, Any difference between stock copy and promo on this one (vinyl vs. Styrene)? Been booted? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Sklag

    Betty wright (mr lucky)

    "mr lucky" on solid soul $$ waiting
  6. Baby don't you weep Looking for original, Mary Jane with or without credits. Willing to pay around 375 usd
  7. Ok, I've read this thing in its entirety, and I am not sure if the copy I just picked up is original or not (suspect it is). 1) it is styrene 2) has the correct delta 64811 3) "little togetherness" vs "a little togetherness as title" 4) run out groove has jc 67-C-506A-RE then what looks like (LR) then LR "delta"64811 The type looks all official and it's super nice, prolly vg++, picked it up for 30 at a show here. Any info? I know that if it were vinyl vs styrene the matrix says it is a boot, but with the rarer stock label variation and it being styrene I think it's an early west coast pressing (maybe before the type had been reset?). Chris
  8. Sklag

    Looks good but plays crap

    Buy a VPI classic like I have. last table you'll ever buy. Get a speedbox to go from 45 to 33 1/3 and listen to what a real record should sound like.
  9. Sklag

    Johnny thunder- I'm alive

    looking for a copy. Calla issue. Nm/ex thanks.
  10. backbeat promo, plays awesome, looks nm- seen prices all over the place for this one. Looking for $250. Open to offers! Will send pics if needed
  11. Looking for it. thanks.
  12. Sklag

    Al Wilson Help Me

    How rare is this? I have had a lot of luck over here finding rad singles in the wild. Just wondering how many have squeaky clean copy on wand?
  13. Finally refunded me. We're square on the cash.
  14. Sent the record back, no response. This guy received it, and hasn't returned my money. Anybody know this guy? Armando's scooters in Sheffield, let him know I'd like my cash back.


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