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  1. Such a good night last year, can't wait.
  2. One of my favourite nights of the year, top tunes, top night
  3. Looking forward to the last night of the year, some great tunes played throughout this year, always nice to hear different stuff and not the same old same old.
  4. Wow! what a great night in August, bring on October
  5. Great night at the last one with Chris Anderton as the guest DJ, looking forward to the next one in August.
  6. So am I.
  7. Really looking forward to this one especially with Chris Anderton as the guest DJ, going to be a great night.
  8. Mrs Benn

    Altrincham Soul Club

    Can't wait for next week, great new venue and what a turnout it was in February.
  9. Mrs Benn

    Altrincham Soul Club

    Great video and what a brilliant night, another one to look forward to in April.
    What a night! It was packed, nice to see a few newbies in enjoying themselves, DJs kept the floor busy, bring on April.
  10. Great video from last years charity night, will be another fantastic night on Saturday see you all there.
  11. Couple of weeks to go now before the first night at the new venue, it really is a great place for a northern soul night, can't wait really looking forward to it, see you all there.
  12. Mrs Benn

    Altrincham Soul Club

    Really looking forward to this one, it's going to be a great night.
  13. Mrs Benn

    Altrincham Soul Club

    Had some great nights at the Masonic over the past few years and I'm sure the last night will be an extra special one, looking forward to it all continuing at the LMRCA next year.
  14. Mrs Benn

    Can You Dig It

    Another quality soul night in Altrincham to go to.

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