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  1. Debra Johnson

    Debra Johnson- to get love you got to bring love- Noriega in ex- condition £45 inc uk p&p
  2. [SOLD] Nate Evans and mean green

    Nate Evans and mean green- the look on your face / this time with feeling- DPR vg+ slight edge warp dnap £40 inc uk shipping

    I'll take it mate
  4. Carmelita- rosebud

    Carmelita- isn't it lonely/rosebud (butterfly label) pm with price and condition, uk seller preferred Cheers!
  5. Carmelita- value

    Yea I'll stick with the pink label haha, moerer's prices all over the place at times
  6. Carmelita- value

    Cheers, i can stretch to that I think! yep that was the side he played, I love the sleazy ex's cameo at the end haha
  7. Carmelita- value

    What's the going rate on this? carmalita- rosebud/ isn't it lonely- carmen Heard mr Franklin play this on Sunday and loved it, so I might go hunting for one near Christmas if it's in my league! cheers Paul
  8. Valuations

    Never understood why people auction run of the mill stuff on there, wish I had his magic powers though haha
  9. Valuations

    Cheers everyone! These will be going up for sale next week when I have a stylus to grade properly.
  10. Valuations

    Anyone know the Current rates on these please The millionaires - never for me- Phillips original The hesitations- soul superman- kapp issue Kenny Carter- I've gotta get myself together- rca issue (seems rarer) All vg+ Cheers Paul
  11. Como el Sol

  12. International Five - I Need You - Starway

    one of my favorite records, I bought it for this side though
  13. Bargain Funky Stuff

    Hiya, I'll take gene faith if it's still there cheers
  14. Calvin turner & bad news

    Looking for a copy of Calvin tuner & bad news- after all, on lulu vg or better cheers Paul
  15. The William singers

    Still looking