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  1. Como el Sol

    Debra Johnson

    Debra Johnson- to get love you got to bring love- Noriega in ex- condition £45 inc uk p&p
  2. Como el Sol

    [SOLD] Nate Evans and mean green

    Nate Evans and mean green- the look on your face / this time with feeling- DPR vg+ slight edge warp dnap £40 inc uk shipping
  3. Como el Sol


    I'll take it mate
  4. Como el Sol

    Carmelita- rosebud

    Carmelita- isn't it lonely/rosebud (butterfly label) pm with price and condition, uk seller preferred Cheers!
  5. Como el Sol

    Carmelita- value

    Yea I'll stick with the pink label haha, moerer's prices all over the place at times
  6. Como el Sol

    Carmelita- value

    Cheers, i can stretch to that I think! yep that was the side he played, I love the sleazy ex's cameo at the end haha
  7. Como el Sol

    Carmelita- value

    What's the going rate on this? carmalita- rosebud/ isn't it lonely- carmen Heard mr Franklin play this on Sunday and loved it, so I might go hunting for one near Christmas if it's in my league! cheers Paul
  8. Como el Sol


    Never understood why people auction run of the mill stuff on there, wish I had his magic powers though haha
  9. Como el Sol


    Cheers everyone! These will be going up for sale next week when I have a stylus to grade properly.
  10. Como el Sol


    Anyone know the Current rates on these please The millionaires - never for me- Phillips original The hesitations- soul superman- kapp issue Kenny Carter- I've gotta get myself together- rca issue (seems rarer) All vg+ Cheers Paul
  11. Como el Sol

    Como el Sol

  12. Como el Sol

    International Five - I Need You - Starway

    one of my favorite records, I bought it for this side though
  13. Como el Sol

    Bargain Funky Stuff

    Hiya, I'll take gene faith if it's still there cheers
  14. Como el Sol

    Calvin turner & bad news

    Looking for a copy of Calvin tuner & bad news- after all, on lulu vg or better cheers Paul
  15. Como el Sol

    The William singers

    Still looking


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