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    A northern soul dj and promotor .my biggest venue is parklands northern soul club run by me and sharon my wife .love my northern .R n B & rare and underplayed .some crossover .went to the casino in 1976 .also winter gardens at cleethorpes .clifton hall rotherham .samanthas sheffield KGB sheffield.later on .concord suite droylsden.winsford. bretby.tonys empress ballrooms etc just to name a few allnghters wasnt to many 8 till lates then and no youtube or facebook lol you only saw are soul friends at nighters .best time of my life all with sharon 

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    Mick shaxted
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    Perk lee the docks

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  2. Mick Shaxted

    Wakefield Soul Club

    Looking forward to it ,meeting up with friends etc see you all there ,great pub hogarths before it starts
  3. Free Entry Northern soul and Motown A night of quality music played across the board Quality sound system ,wooden dance floor Club prices on drinks,large car park 7.30 till 12 DJ - Mick SHaxted Guests David wakefield Caroline and John dernnie
  4. Free entry The soul pit club The pit club Old Pit Yard, Harris Rd, Armthorpe, Doncaster DN3 2B 7.30pm till 12 pm Quality Northern soul at its best Across the board DJs residential - Mick shaxted Guest DJs Bill ward Paul weaver Tony coucom Nice size wooden dance floor Plenty of seating Large car park Drinks at club prices
  5. Mick Shaxted

    Brough Soul Club

    whos djing
  6. clarence murray - let's get on with it clean copy please thank you
  7. FREE ENTRY Soul at The Soul Pit7.30 Till 1200Pit Club ,Armthorpe DoncasterDN3 2BP Music Across The Board DJ's - M ShaxtedGuest Dj.s Graham Johnson Shirley Stevenson Large Dance FloorPrivate Car ParkingDrinks at Club Price's Quality Music at it's BestNorthern SoulMotownSoul Free Entry 7.30 TILL 12.00
  8. Parklands Marie Curie Charity Soul Night Wheatley Hall Rd, Doncaster DN2 4LT Ballroom Dance Floor 350 Capacity A Great Night Of Northern Soul & Tamla Motown etc Music Accross The Board 5 OTD 7.30 till 12 pm Run By Bill Ward & Mick Shaxted All The Proceeds Will Go To The Charity We Don't Do Expenses Dj's Bill Ward - Mick Shaxted - Doncaster Rob Smith - Nottingham Bernie - Scunthorpe Neil"Jai" Eastwood - Dinnington Rob Smith Will Be Having A Record Stall For Anyone Wanting To Buy
  9. NORTHERN SOUL & MOTOWN ACROSS THE BOARD OVO ONLY This Event is Run by Mick Shaxted Parlkalands NSC Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice Charity Mini Dayer Charity - Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice 100 PER CENT TOP QUALITY NORTHERN SOUL AND MOTOWN .. 100 PER CENT ORIGINAL VINYL ONLY EVENT £5 O.T.D Working in conjunction with eastcoastsoulcollective to raise funds for this great Charity - Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice for the start of 2020 lets hope they achieve there target for 2020 at Bridlington spa weekender this year in June I will be there to support and to DJ there helping to make this weekend a great one as per usual if you haven't been before to the Bridlington Spa Weekender then your missing out on this brilliant weekender second to none IMO all good fun with 6 rooms of music ,Classic & current floor fillers,- modern & crossover - Original rare & underplayed - mod,RnB,Rare, 60's,Boogaloo - Classic Motown & The Club room which is supported by clubs up and down the country inc ,Parklands NSC and the Soul Pitt 26TH December Boxing Day Special 2019 6 PM TILL 12 PM Parklands NSC Wheatley hall Road Doncaster DN2 4LT ORIGINAL VINYL ONLY Secure Parking With CCTV Drinks at Club Price's Northern Soul Music Across The Board Parklands is a Stunning Venue with a Top Ballroom Dance~ Floor and NO TALC is needed or Allowed OVO ONLY NO Boots/Copys/Carvers etc if its an LP Only track then it will be the LP Played OVO ONLY Ballroom Capacity 350 DJ's Spots & Times DJ TIME 6.00 - Mick Shaxted 6.30 - Martin B 7.30 - Hockey Mctwat 8.30 - Mickey Summers 9.30 - Ian Parker 10.30 - Craig Patterson Patto 11.30 - Mick Shaxted 12 Finish THERE WILL BE A RAFFLE PLUS 2 X BRIDLINGTON WEEKENDER TICKETS FOR AUCTION ANYONE WISHING TO DONATE TO THE RAFFLE PRIZES WELCOME THANK YOU THANK YOU TO ALL THE DJ;S AND ALL HELPING OUT ON THE DAY also Bridget Wilcox and Tish Richardson year after year help on the door
  10. Mick Shaxted

    Hull Soul Club

    Looking forward to it
  11. Mick Shaxted

    Hull Soul Club

    Always enjoy it at hull soul club .on afters so will miss the 1st couple of hours
  12. Mick Shaxted

    Soul in Selby

    Sorry m8 can't make this as i am doing Karen Carlson 60th birthday at knottingley town hall
  13. This will be the last parklands N.S.C event as the club have let me down on more than one occasion
  14. Mick Shaxted


    yes Andy Pete put a lot of work in as we all know and i think youve done the right thing by getting some help to ease the pressure off you i am sure it will be well put together and go well ,im really looking forward to it m8
  15. Think so m8 they've been awkward with me letting down when i have booked a year in advance by saying i haven't booked etc .but it will be great to see you m8

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