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  1. I can get to the results OK here
  2. Lots 566 to 966 - auction is 22-23 February
  3. Annotations are published at (part 1, click link at bottom for part 2).
  4. Hi Steve Well, all I can say is that when I came up with the idea of pressing "simulation copies" of the Blackberries' single as the vinyl disc for Motown Singles Volume 12A, I assured the Powers-That-Be that no copies, not even Test Pressings, existed. If this had turned up three years ago, I'd have been turned down (as I was when I suggested flooding the market with 2,500 copies of "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)" for Volume 6). Well done. Wish I had £599.99. If you're still stuck with it in six months, drop me a line and I'll make you an offer! Btw, re your piece at www.discogs, it seems from the surviving tapes that the Blackberries' LP was never completed, so I don't think it's been issued on CD. But if you've got a copy, let me know before you put it up for sale! Best Keith
  5. Connie said in her autobiography (titled "For Once In My Life", appropriately as she was the first person to record the song) that Berry Gordy once stopped a take in the control room at Hitsville to ask her "Connie, are you sure you're not black?".
  6. Sorry Robb, I meant to ask whether you'd ever seen a copy of a commercial pressing of "Angel" on M1006. I agree that the two-vocals no strings version of "Tomorrow & Always" doesn't seem to have been pressed up commercially.
  7. Hi Robb On the dating of "Angel": I have a Bell Sound acetate of the standard commercial version, with the title "To Me, You're An Angel" and the date "2-6-61" typed on the label. (See extremely small picture on left.) I seem to recall paying around £150 for it on Ebay about five years back. I'd probably have paid more. It's the only piece of vinyl I own that hangs in a frame on the wall! N.B. there is an alternate, faster version of the song which appeared on the Ace CD by the group - still a few copies available, folks! On "Tomorrow & Always": I spoke to three of the surviving 'Tones when researching for the booklet essay for the CD, and they didn't recall the two-vocals, no-strings version at all, didn't remember recording it or its appearance on vinyl. A total blank. I wish I had a copy of M1006 with this track! I see the one on Ebay is a promo: are any commercial (pink label) copies known to exist? Keith
  8. Hi Snakepit I'm well, thanks ... drop me a line at ... I'm sure I had your email address, can't find it now ... /k
  9. Snakepit: the Barbara Randolph IS interesting (I think! - but then I think they're all interesting ... I would, wouldn't I?) It was discovered on a "spare" track on the multi-track master for the Miracles' version of the song, marked as "Barbara Randolph - demo" on the tape box. Absolutely no clue about the recording date, but I've hazarded a guess in the booklet that it might have been Barbara's audition track for Motown. If I'm right - well, I'd have signed her!
  10. When Bill Dahl, Harry Weinger & I were researching the Motown Singles Volume 9 (some years after Bill's Motown book was published), we concluded & agreed that the RCA and Impact/VIP Lollipops were NOT the same group. Don't have our correspondence to hand right now, so I just offer that for what it's worth ...
  11. To me, and others, these just don't sound like our Chris at all. Any views, anyone? Nearly all Jobete acetate labels show just a song title, with no artist. It's usually thought that these discs were made purely to establish copyright, so the performer was irrelevant. The artist name on these labels is hand-written - by whom, and why? Hmm. I've checked the Motown paperwork I have copies of, and there's no indication that Chris ever cut either of these tunes. The label design suggests a date of 1972 or later - the LA years, certainly.
  12. I understand, take no offence, and have already made your point (about reputation) to UMG. But - with the issue still unresolved - I offer the following analogy: if you buy a bag of apples from the supermarket and some of them are damaged, it doesn't seem right to me to go blaming the farmer who supplied them before you've checked with the supermarket. It's complicated. MP3 is a way for Universal (and others) to release material that people on this Board and elsewhere would like to hear, cheaply. They couldn't reasonably expect to make money releasing such obscure, rejected-at-the-time, stuff on a double CD, so without the MP3 route we wouldn't hear it at all. But they lose a degree of control in the process. I don't want to drag this out. Be assured that UMG are looking into it. But with such big companies involved, resolutions of this kind of issue rarely happen quickly. Keith
  13. I think you are jumping to a conclusion here, Suffolk Soul. As it happens, I was UMG's "quality control" on this release. I listened to all the tracks, which were produced in WAV format at 96000 Hz / 24 bits, carefully, once on cans and once on speakers. One track was wrong: "Just Be Yourself" had been used instead of "Just Go On Sleeping". It got corrected. I detected no sound glitches. I thought mastering engineer Seth Foster did a fine job. As I understand the process, UMG deliver the files in WAV format to the distributors who convert them to their proprietary formats for release. I doubt if the files were corrupted at the UMG end, after I'd signed them off. The fact that some purchasers have NOT detected any faults in any of the tracks supports that guess. But as far as I'm aware, neither UMG nor any of the distributors have yet commented on the problems, and this isn't an official UMG comment, just a personal observation. We'll see what transpires. Yes, the tracks have been released to protect UMG's copyright in the material. No, they were not "bunged" in any sense onto CD (CD? what??), and UMG's QC is not, ahem, "non-existant". Alive and well, though headed for bed ... Keith
  14. I've always had very good service from Bob. He always responds to questions (of which I usually have a few!) and is grateful for amendments, suggestions etc. It's typically thoughtful of him to think about the customs charges. I recommend his books to all Forum members.

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