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  1. Will the cobs be gluten free and will there be a vegan option?....Asking for a friend.
  2. Steve...everybody's younger than me!! Even my Dad....lol.
  3. To say that I've come to this thread late is the understatement of the decade. What a superb thread it is though. I've lived in the Mansfield area for just coming up to 5 years and I've knocked around the Rare Soul Scene for 10 times that long. So the content in this has given me a brilliant insight into the past, the venues, the people and the nature of the Scene in and around Mansfield. I've had the pleasure to have met many good people, some of whom have contributed to the thread, and to have enjoyed the company of many of them. I think you'd have to go a long way to find anyone more enthusiastic and passionate about this than Deryk Banner, a man with great history and great stories, not to say great humility given his pedigree on the Scene. For me the thread is also lifted by the contribution of what I'll call the "Attic generation"... the slightly younger but nonetheless important part of the evolution of the Scene in this area. As an 'incomer' the friendships I've made from it have been very important in helping me settle into what was a totally new start in my life. Nice to see the Corner House mentioned, as I was involved in it with Studge.I think I'm right in saying that Mr.Banner was enticed out of retirement to grace the decks there. Brilliant thread..brilliant. Atb.....Dim.
  4. Having missed the last few....we're looking forward to attending this one. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  5. We had a superb evening, on Saturday last, at the Staff for my 65th birthday bash. A massive thanks to our families and friends for coming along and sharing the day. It was great to catch up with good people who I had not seen in years and it was great to spend time with good people who I see more regularly....I've formed some wonderful friendships during my four and a half years in this neck of the woods and I have been fully embraced by Vicki's family too..I love them to bits. A big thanks to Ross ( and the staff of the club) for his help and generosity in providing the venue and it's facilities. A huge thanks to Johnny, Graham, Rob and Krunch for honouring me by djing for the evening...terrific people and fantastic sets from one and all. Not forgetting my mate Studge, who opened proceedings with a storming set of tunes. I was genuinely taken aback by the many gifts I received...some so personal that they stunned me. The thread that bound it all together, though, was my Vicki. She worked tirelessly for months to make it all happen and the buffet she presented alongside a brilliant cake and cup cakes was just perfect. I love you Vic.xx So...an evening of top music and delicious food spent in the company of the best people....perfect.
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  6. damiancon

    Dim's 65th Birthday Bash.

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  7. Vicki and I are looking forward to getting our musical ears well and truly blasted today.....a great time guaranteed.
    Vicki and Ihad a superb time at the "Something Different Soul Club" last night, in the company of our good friends Michelle and Eddy Maliszewski. Terrific sets from the Staff Soul Spinners.. Rob Scott, Krunch, Mark Ecka Hill, Graham Cooper and Johnny Jones....not forgetting the man who makes it all tick, Ross. These guys just get it spot on with a richly diverse range of music.. some of which provided genuinely jaw dropping moments of surprise and real musical buzz. I was so pleased and proud to be asked along as guest DJ for their first Saturday night event. The venue is terrific, the crowd...and there were lots of them...are friendly and knowledgeable, not to say passionate about their music, creating a fantastic atmosphere. If you've not been yet, I'd recommend that you check it out. Top night.
  8. I am really looking forward to the inaugural Saturday night at Something Different. The Staff Lads invariably get it right and I am honoured to be asked to guest dj at this event...You can expect something different from me too!!
  9. Looking forward to being on the decks at the Corner House again.....it's been a while!
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  10. I'm looking forward to this.....covering for Jazz this month....so I'll be playing tunes aimed at keeping the dance floor busy. I'll be chucking in one or two from the vaults, like this....!
  11. Scrub board was played at Bletsoe Allnighter 71/72 by Northants dj Glenn Bellamy. Unusually, so the story goes, the instrumental came first. It is said that a sound engineer at the recording suggested that it would be great if a vocal was added to it. Plausible I think and may go some way to explain the time delay between the release of the two records.
    Yet another cracking afternoon with the Staff Lads. Great atmosphere, friendly crowd and brilliant sets from all the djs. Vicki and I were with friends Eddie and Michelle.....it was their first visit here and they really enjoyed the day. Keep on keeping on lads!!!
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