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  1. Colin Law has one in Sales forum
  2. Do I love you EMI copy. Demo. Vinyl ex pic cover vg £150 inc sp Del postage paypal f&f or bank teansfer
  3. All ex + unless stated. PayPal F+F/ Bank transfer UK postage £8 over £40 £3 under Tavasco Love trying to get a hold on me Ramoart £900 Martha Starr No part time love for me Thelma £100 Ronnie Shannon Sweet games of love Blavk Gold £120 Determinations Bing Bong King £100 Deena Johnson Breaking point Wild Duece £90 Richard Brown Sweet and kind Steel Town £35 Hi Fi White Need sonebody Sandman £50 Gloria Shannon Tears (are gifts from heaven) Real Side WDJ. £80 more tomorrow, thanks for looking.
  4. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alexander-Patten-A-Lil-Lovin-Sometimes-Capitol-Can/202413929676?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20180306143914%26meid%3D0e7e49ccfddf45068bc90ae6d68008ff%26pid%3D100935%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D273461486495%26itm%3D202413929676&_trksid=p2056116.c100935.m2460
  5. "One like mine". Faro. Pm please
  6. All ex+ condition unless stated Kenny Gamble "The Jokes On You" Arctic £15 little Joe Cook "l'm Falling In Love With You Baby" Two Jay £15 Roy Robert "I Know What To Do To Satisfy You" Rock House £25 Clarence Carter/ Charles Sheffield "Messing With My Mind"/Voodoo Working Err, Ichiban £7 Bernie Williams/Jay Traynor "Ever Again/Up and Over Stardust £15 Donna King "Take Me Home" Hot Line £& Little Richie "Just Another Heartache" Sound Plu £15 Jobell Orchestra "Never Gonna Let You Go" £6 William Bonney "Love Love Love" Mercury £5 Joe Matthews "Ain't Nothin'You Can Do" Kool Kat £20 Boogie Man Orchestra "Lady Lady Lady (Are You Crazy for Me) Boogie Man £10 Plus Melvin and Brian Davis " I Need My Baby" Rock Mill £5 P&P 2.50 signed for or £1.50 own risk. Yvonne Baker/Vicki Baines "You Didn't Say A Wird/Country Girl Cameo £15 Paypal F&F thanks for looking
  7. Few for sale, all originals Carole Waller This Love of Mind USA multi coloured DJ copy Vinyl Ex + clean labels except for two small in crosses on other side £225 The Casanova Two We Got to keep on. Early Bird. Not the flexible vinyl one. Stamped matrix Ex+ clean labels £225 Frank Wilson Do I Love You (indeed I do) EMI first U.K. Press PROMO. Four link centre. Comes with promo sleeve. Vinyl Ex, sleeve good, no side rips or tears. £160 Special delivery postage only £8. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal F&F Money back guarantee if not satisfied. Few more later.
  8. Taking offers on "They'll Never Know Why" Look Records (white) ex condition no pops or clicks. Special Delivery post only, up to fully insured value. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks
  9. What about Cody Marshall, The Thought Of Loving You, "only known copy" £1000!
  10. It was on the site at £1500 last year.
  11. Late 77 onwards Terry Sampson was running the KGB all nighters in Sheffield.
  12. I'm sure it was a licensing problem that caused the original nights to be stopped. Can't be absolutely sure about a nighter in 78 so you could be right but I thought it was a good few years before the authorities relented. JV was then a fixture at St Ives which itself ceased1977/78. I'll ask himnext time I see him. My originalcomment was based on Johns all nighters though, which did finish in 1976. The next definite ones I remember was earlyveighties when CH was running. Which fits in, as far as I remember would fit in with plays of PIAS and GB. All a long time ago though
  13. The original all nighters definitely ceased 76 but Sunday all dayers replaced them and lasted until around 1978.

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