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  1. Few "reissues" for sale.

    All ex+ condition unless stated Kenny Gamble "The Jokes On You" Arctic £15 little Joe Cook "l'm Falling In Love With You Baby" Two Jay £15 Roy Robert "I Know What To Do To Satisfy You" Rock House £25 Clarence Carter/ Charles Shef...
  2. Originals for sale

    Few for sale, all originals Carole Waller This Love of Mind USA multi coloured DJ copy Vinyl Ex + clean labels except for two small in crosses on other side £225 The Casanova Two We Got to keep on. Early Bird. Not the flexible vinyl one....
  3. Freddie Chavez original

    Taking offers on "They'll Never Know Why" Look Records (white) ex condition no pops or clicks. Special Delivery post only, up to fully insured value. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks
  4. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    What about Cody Marshall, The Thought Of Loving You, "only known copy" £1000!
  5. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    It was on the site at £1500 last year.
  6. Sheffield Samantha's Playlists

    Late 77 onwards Terry Sampson was running the KGB all nighters in Sheffield.
  7. Sheffield Samantha's Playlists

    I'm sure it was a licensing problem that caused the original nights to be stopped. Can't be absolutely sure about a nighter in 78 so you could be right but I thought it was a good few years before the authorities relented. JV was then a fixture at St Ives w...
  8. Sheffield Samantha's Playlists

    The original all nighters definitely ceased 76 but Sunday all dayers replaced them and lasted until around 1978.
  9. Sheffield Samantha's Playlists

    The last all nighter John Vincent ran at the time was 1976. It was some years before a licence could be obtained to run another one. Some time early mid eighties which would be the right timeline for OB. I thought the thread was about the original all nighter...
  10. Sheffield Samantha's Playlists

    George Benson wasn't released until 1978 after the all nighters had ended. It was a big play at Clifton Hall though.
  11. mecca played Canadian/french silly records

    Was that played at the Mecca?
  12. Sheffield Samantha's Playlists

    You may be right about it being RS Mike but as I said a deffo Ritz play and as you say on a 12" originally.
  13. Sheffield Samantha's Playlists

    Wouldn't have been Sam at that time. As I said a Ritz record so could be IL or Neil Rushton maybe?

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