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  1. I enjoyed it , good fun , good music , brought back good memories , what's not to like ? not going to delve into its depths as a film, wrong or rights . As the films on this genre are less than a hand full ! I will take it . My family enjoyed it too , mainly laughing at me but don't they always .
  2. was great to see you guys @ pow wow , had a fantastic night , will see you at Damien's birthday bash

    steve xx

    1. Jodie


      Great to see you too and yes, we'll be there all being well xx

  3. utterly outstanding Voice , jazz or otherwise , her whole heart into anything she sang , wonderful legacy
  4. great night guys , looking forward to December
  5. not seen this clip before , that's me with my hand in the air .
  6. ah I remember these , from woolies in Leeds ctr , along with the Beatles guitar (with their faces on) their toy department was second to non , my mum used to take me on Saturday afternoon , just to see my eyes light up ! like Aladdin's cave . The things you forget ! thank you for jogging my memories
  7. as for the "its my birthday" scenario , that still happens at many a soul night remember rag & bone men " yeooooragbone !! am originally from Leeds , had one guy use to toe a Carousel behind his horse drawn wagon , free ride for anything you could steel from you parents !! have to say in retro spec , now sound like a horror film script oh the age of innocence
  8. and the very strange & frightening , singing , ringing, tinging boing a tree
  9. Sarah janes set made my night steve
  10. thanks for update Franny , will see you there Steve

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