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  1. Ron Harrington - It Happened to Me Again on Hillside. Superb Ohio crossover rarity. Nice clean copy. 550GBP + postage.
  2. Didn't mean to break down. Think your taste in music is impeccable. But this is a pop ballad...
  3. Forgot how good that is. Love this version also:
  4. The borders of what is considered to be Lowrider music have been stretched quite a bit in this thread which is a beautiful thing. This one however does not fit the part imho. Feel free to disagree though
  5. Seasonal greetings SS Looking for: Kenny & The Impacts ‎– Heartaches / Wishing Well on DCP International ‎– DCP 1147 Cheers!
  6. Arnold Albury And The Casuals ‎– That's A Bet / My Baby Don't Understand on Dade Records ‎– 2029 Thanks for looking!
  7. Talmadge Armstrong & The Escotts* ‎– Give It Up / Gigi on Spindletop Records – SR-0015 Thx for looking!
  8. I’m in Belgium/Europe. Shipping costs are 12 GBP registered worldwide. Grading: M- / VG+ / VG (VG+ = EX in UK Record Collector terms). I don’t sell records below VG.) Thanks for looking! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Vegas‎– 10,000 Students Going To The School Of Love / I Need Your Love Label: Cle An Thair Records ‎– 7777 Condition: M- GBP 25 Spice ‎– I Need A Man / Reach Out (I'll Be There) Label: Cle An Thair Records ‎– S-102 Condition: M- GBP 45 Mike James Kirkland ‎– Love Is (Nothing But A Feeling) / Give It To Me Label: Bryan – 9003 Condition: M- GBP 40 The Elements Of Love ‎– Let's Try Making Love / How Could You Label: Brown Duck Records ‎– 101 Condition: M- GBP 50 --- Silly low price Style ‎– You're A Star / Do You Miss My Love Label: Panda ‎– J 393 Condition: M- GBP 125 --- Super obscure modern w stunning sweet soul flip George H. Franklin ‎– That's How It Is When Your In Love / Gone For Good Label: Faces‎– FACES 2015 Condition: M- GBP 25 --- Last copies, seen up to 150 elsewhere The Halleluiah Chorus / Richard Terry & Company ‎– I've Got To Find A Way / Instrumental # One Label: Nickel ‎– NIC-101 Condition: VG+ GBP 30 Gloria Walker & The Chevelles ‎– Walking With My New Love / You Hit The Spot Baby Label: Flaming Arrow ‎– 45-FA-37 Condition: M- --- Finding a cleaner copy is your mission if you decide to accept it 75 GBP Barbara Stant ‎– (I Found Me A) Real Man / (You’ve Got To) Try Again Label: Shiptown ‎– CA-004 Condition: M- GBP 40 The Confidentials ‎– Does He Really Love You Label: Masterpiece ‎– 1936 Condition: VG+ --- Label off centre and as with all copies poor mastering job, take note if unaware GBP 15 Dee Dee McArthur ‎– Girl, We're In Love / I've Just Got To See Her Once More Label: Universal Sound ‎– 2004 Condition: M- GBP 50 --- Rare in-vogue instrumental version of above Confidentials The Bonnevilles ‎– I'll Be Right There / Play It Cool Label: Now ‎– RI 2922 Condition: VG --- Looks a bit rough, reflected in price, but plays great VG+ GBP 100 Ike Noble, Means Of Persuasion ‎– One Way Street Label: Sound Patterns ‎– SP 9068 Condition: M- GBP 125 Baby Love - Is Your Love Real / Do It For Me Label: Dud Sound Records ‎– 4711 Condition: VG+ GBP 60 --- Grab a bargain. Deep beauty w funky flip The Soul Crusaders ‎– Those Memories Label: Lu Tall Records ‎– LT 319 Condition: M- GBP 10 One'Sy Mack ‎– I Did It For All The Right Reasons / I'll Never Go Away Label: Goda Records ‎– G-101 Condition: M- GBP 25 Jackie Hunt ‎– Security Of Love / Since You Been Gone Label: Jetstream Records ‎– 702 Condition: VG+ GBP 60 --- Haunting deep soul so so good Frank Turner ‎– Let Freedom Ring / All For My Kids Label: Maison De Soul Records ‎– MS-324 Condition: VG+ --- label VG w writing GBP 25 Bogen Richard ‎– I Am My Own Man / It Won't Hurt Label: Birth ‎– BR 103 Condition: VG+ GBP 50 Lady Margo ‎– This Is My Prayer (To Find Someone Of My Own) Label: M.T.H. ‎– 33947 Condition: VG+ GBP 30 The Movements ‎– You Don't Know / Let's Get Involved Label: Peanut Country Records ‎– PC1002 Condition: M- GBP 15 --- Last copies of this rather obscure sweet soul gem Al Trahan ‎– Hey Girl / Can I Feel It Label: Spindeltop ‎– SR-761 Condition: M- GBP 50 --- Bargain deep funk Freddy Wilson ‎– Promise Land Label: Eastbound Records ‎– E 602 Condition: M- GBP 25 Carol Anderson ‎– You Boy / Holding On Label: Mid-Town - 271 Condition: M- GBP 20 Talisman ‎– Running From The Devil Label: Head Hunters ‎– 101 Condition: M- GBP 60 Larry Daley / The Daley Diggers ‎– For The Good Times / I Can Dig It Label: Marmaduke Records Inc. ‎– M-001 Condition: M- GBP 30 Lionel Abel – Lonely Man / Get Down Label: EK - RS03 Condition: M- GBP 30 --- Obscure sweet/deep soul from Barbados thats making some splashes on the Lowrider scene lately. Julius Brockington – This Feeling (Freedom) Label: Burma – B 401 Condition: M- 20 GBP Smokey Brooks ‎– Eternal / Spin-It Jig Label: Now ‎– No. 101 Condition: VG+ 25 GBP Combination Inc. – People Listen (I'm Gonna Lay My Thing) / Love Has Gone Away Label: Arc Lark Records – AC 504 Condition: VG+ GBP 20 Darondo Pullium – Listen To My Song / Didn't I Label: Music City – 45-894 Condition: M- GBP 75 Johnny Davis – You Got To Crawl To Me / The Love I See Now Label: Bandit - 21572 Condition: M- 45 GBP The End Results – Reminiscing / The Only Solution Label: Motion City – DM-2686 Condition: VG+ GBP 15 Force – Get Up And Get Out / Children Of Our World Label: Bandolier – 102 Condition: M- GBP 20 Family Connection – This Time / Lost Her Love Label: Jabali – JA 100 Condition: VG+ GBP 60 The Gaslight – Here's Missing You / I Can't Tell A Lie Label: Grand Junction – 1001 Condition: M- GBP 15 Hands of Time – This Love For Real / I’ll Never Forget Label: Inner City Records – INC-17200 Condition: VG++ GBP 40 Iron Knowledge – Show Stopper / Oh Love Label: Tammy Records – T-1038 Condition: M- GBP 60 Lou Garno Trio – Muy Sabroso / Chicken In The Basket Label: Giovanni Condition: M- 40 GBP Hot Chocolate ‎– Good For The Gander / We Had True Love Label: Co Co Cleveland Records ‎– C-7193 Condition: M- 25 GBP Rock Candy - I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another / Alone With No Love Label: Dontee - 103 --- Blue label of which some claim its a bootleg. This copy came from early 70s store stock so don't know how that pans out. Condition: VG+ GBP 75 Eddie Ray – Glad I Found You / You Got Me Label: Prix – HIS-7001 Condition: M- 30 GBP Bettye Scott and the Del-Vetts – Good Feeling / Down Down Down Label: Teako – T-1000 Condition: VG+ (slight superficial marks , plays great) 20 GBP The Mighty Elegant – I Find Myself Falling In Love With You / I Don’t Know What It Is Label: Jaber – JB-7115 Condition: M- GBP 100 The Natural Four – Why Should We Stop Now / You Did This For Me Label: Boola Boola Condition: M- GBP 40 Quiet Fire – Lost Without Your Love / Your Kind of Love Label: Hit Machine – MK-3977 Condition: M- GBP 65 The Spiritual Harmonizers – Gods Love / Stepped Into My Life Label: Radex – SH8006 Condition: M- GBP 75 -- Stunning deep gospel one of the best in the genre w funky flip. Tarantula – Listen To Your Heartbeat Label: Tannyer Records – 1001 Condition: M- GBP 20 Marva W. Taylor – I've Lived The Life / Nothing I'd Rather Be Than Your Weakness Label: Forte Records – 11151 Condition: VG++ GBP 30
  9. Sweet Breeze - Good Thing / Slow Change Up on Willpower Thx for looking
  10. SOLD SOLD SOLD Here's a nice unknown Northern slash crossover sounding 45 by an artist called Johnny Cameron (think no relation to the Chicago legend) titled People Are Changing with an R&B-ish flipside titled That's Soul. Was found as only copy between old store stock in New Jersey/USA. Please listen to the soundfiles. Price is 150 GBP + shipping.

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