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  1. Looking forward to this - Peggy will be celebrating her ''49th Birthday'' and Dave Blow will be having a birthday warmup to his forever ''21st Birthday'' soon after. I'm bringing Anne [Newmarket] with me, so should be quality night out!!
  2. Have heard from Anne in Newmarket that there is the possibility that Frames in Cambridge may well be happening later on this year - just the one night - but who cares it would be worth the wait .............any body able to confirm if its gonna happen at all?
  3. Have spent some time this morning downloading the first 10 recordings....now driving the children mental by blasting a few of them out....loud:yes: QUALITY all the way!!!! I'll burn off a cd for Anne in Newmarket ~ she'll love it Anyway back to dodgy singing and dancing round the house:ph34r: you know it makes sense!!!! Ta very much Marion
  4. Dave - sounds like we missed a good one.......we were with the Outlaws All the best Marion & Jim
  5. first heard this a few weeks ago on 6 music - craig charles show, then heard it on radio 1 a couple of weekends ago Also played at soul esence which was nice..............album is good
  6. looking forward to hearing the good doctor Dr Bob Jones
  7. Dave - I haven't even told the grandparents yet................... But special guest will be worth it... We should be staying in your usual, all being well Happy Days
  8. Yo Gavin, cheque in post for passes - really looking forward to it..................especially your special guest
  9. Mark - say a big hello to the world famous Dave Blow on his birthday night out for me! Have fun, enjoy the tunes and watch out for the large hangovers........
  10. love the play lists. i'll start tuning in a couple of weeks time - after we finally move and get re-connected.....always happy to keep the neighbours on their toes ha ha ha
  11. bags are packed, leaving soon to drop off the muchkins with the grandpaprents....se ya later sharon for a belated 40th birthday coca-cola ha ha ha ha
  12. Looking forward to this night out and meeting up with Sharon will be be 40 by then...........................
  13. Sorry Gavin, we can not get to this in April ~ God knows I could do with hearing some quality tunes! We'll be in Oz celebrating Jim's 40th........having a toyboy hubby has its advantages Might need help getting him back on the plane though
  14. Girth, now that is a special kinda picture....We are at The Egg on saturday (having it large and no doubt chucking a few shapes around ha ha ha ) so i'll tune in on 15th instead.
  15. we are seeing Frankie Boyle at the corn exchange so might catch up later Max Marion & Jim
  16. Looking forward to this, 20 minutes from my door...sorted!!
  17. Gutted i'm at a friends wedding, because this should be a night for some sore feet and that deceent music......
  18. Start off in the Morgan Hotel, by the river and near the half penny bridge...bar plays some really nice music at a decent level. Nice atmosphere when we stayed there recently. We would stay there again just for the music policy~beats the crap out of your normal elevator background noise.
  19. really looking forward to hearing you play out Mark ~ should be a good night out!!
  20. Bad Manners version of the Can Can......
  21. The One and Only, Black Horse, Leighton Buzzard, in the very capable hands of Mr Bob Cosby & Darren Perry. Tuesday nights have never been the same since!!
  22. Due to being ill since 20th december , we have had to cancel hotel room - hubby and son now ill as well, so today we'll be mostly at the doctors!!!! As they say, take the roof off...i'll be thinking of ya....
  23. Due to being ill since 20th december , we have had to cancel hotel room - hubby nd son now ill as well, so today we'll be mostly at the doctors!!!! As they say, take the roof off...i'll be thinking of ya....

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