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  1. Can anyone identify a track

    Yep, your right, as for the other label, seem to remember it's another colour nickel, most yellow, other one red ?
  2. Can anyone identify a track

    It's brothers and sisters, the inst side of don't let them tell you on nickel, it's on another label as well
  3. how cool is this

    apologies if the modern soul room people already know it, love it
  4. Any financial advisors on here

    Spot on, thats what's happened, asked for fee upfront saying they would do checks etc, said this could take a while, gave them some cash 8 days later asked for more for solicitors, they ain't having no more, the papers we signed are not in line with the story...
  5. Any financial advisors on here

    It's to do with company called commitments protection
  6. Any financial advisors on here

    I think I've been had, any financial advisors on here please pm me,
  7. this is what can you get for three quid these days

    Or in this case a quid whirlwind, full time thing/ ecstacy passion and pain touch and go 12"
  8. Trying to find a song

    I reckon it's blackbird by the Manhattans lp track from the same album as the excellent don't want to pay the price
  9. BPS Revolution: Life Is a Song Worth singing

    Not a clue but I'm sure this was for sale on eBay about a year ago
  10. Please sign this petition

    signed and will pass around, cod
  11. made me smile great version!

    just made me smile and dare not put it any other topic area, enjoy
  12. well, ill go to the foot of our stairs !, that's awesome, want one now !
  13. oil or stain for decking

    kinnell !, that's a lot of rubbing, but thanks ill have a go, cod
  14. oil or stain for decking

    my deckings looking a bit grey and worn but solid, want to do it up,what's best decking oil or decking stain, any experts, cod
  15. Toast Toppings

    stilton is good on toast, or full fat mature cheddar with encona hot pepper sauce, or occasionally to wind the other half up its a full breakfast in a tin or tinned ravioli spiced up with chillies and gravy