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  1. Yes watching Fiona Bruce is always interesting, oh and the records would be an extra !
  2. It's excellent, reading it at the moment, well recccomended
  3. I had one of them, can't remember where I got it from, the titles felt like they were made from transfers, a bit like those letters you rubbed on to paper
  4. Sorry, but anyone who knows me knows that my northern or soul tastes are varied, disco, garage, soulfully house, northern, Latin , popcorn, r&b, rocking blues, reggae, ska, Bluebeard, soca, jazz, mod, sweet, beach, add whatever But this is, FFS ,god knows ..Carlos Santana brother apparently
  5. Always loved his voice, raining through my sunshine is an awesome track, RIP Eddie, thanks for the tunes
  6. Thanks for uploading that one, new one to me, awesome !
  7. Yep, your right, as for the other label, seem to remember it's another colour nickel, most yellow, other one red ?
  8. It's brothers and sisters, the inst side of don't let them tell you on nickel, it's on another label as well
  9. apologies if the modern soul room people already know it, love it
  10. Or in this case a quid whirlwind, full time thing/ ecstacy passion and pain touch and go 12"
  11. I reckon it's blackbird by the Manhattans lp track from the same album as the excellent don't want to pay the price
  12. Not a clue but I'm sure this was for sale on eBay about a year ago
  13. well, ill go to the foot of our stairs !, that's awesome, want one now !
  14. flipping the head on its head so to speak, I've seen a boot of do the pearl girl for sale on eBay ,seller in the US, record booted in notts

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