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  1. codfromderby

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Own up, who shouted" have you got crabs mate"
  2. codfromderby

    Willie Hutch / Bobby Hutton

    Also released was Eddie Regan hide and seek and the sapphires version of gonna be a big thing
  3. codfromderby

    All Our Yesterdays * Cutting Edge Comedy Heroes

    Not sure if everyone will share my taste etc, but found some episodes of a children's show from the late 79s, early 80s called "educating marmalade", remember I liked it at the time, still seems good now , 35 plus years later, I'll try and post a clip when I can figure out how to on my silly complicated young person's phone
  4. codfromderby

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    Sorry, but anyone who knows me knows that my northern or soul tastes are varied, disco, garage, soulfully house, northern, Latin , popcorn, r&b, rocking blues, reggae, ska, Bluebeard, soca, jazz, mod, sweet, beach, add whatever But this is, FFS ,god knows ..Carlos Santana brother apparently
  5. codfromderby

    Ben Sherman at it again ?

    Liked the look of that dance floor powder t shirt, disappointed when I realised they meant talc ,oh well, the largest size they do wouldn't fit me anyway
  6. codfromderby

    Walking Football

    Yes I gave it a go, used to play normal football a lot years ago so I thought it would be a leisurely walk about , how wrong I was ! , Pulled a muscle in my leg after 5mins, then went in goals, bruised and aching for days
  7. codfromderby

    News: Sad news Eddy Amoo the Real Thing RIP

    Always loved his voice, raining through my sunshine is an awesome track, RIP Eddie, thanks for the tunes
  8. codfromderby

    Gil Scott Heron On Uk Phillips

    Thanks for uploading that one, new one to me, awesome !
  9. codfromderby

    Can anyone identify a track

    Yep, your right, as for the other label, seem to remember it's another colour nickel, most yellow, other one red ?
  10. codfromderby

    Can anyone identify a track

    It's brothers and sisters, the inst side of don't let them tell you on nickel, it's on another label as well
  11. codfromderby

    how cool is this

    apologies if the modern soul room people already know it, love it
  12. codfromderby

    Any financial advisors on here

    Spot on, thats what's happened, asked for fee upfront saying they would do checks etc, said this could take a while, gave them some cash 8 days later asked for more for solicitors, they ain't having no more, the papers we signed are not in line with the story they told, alarm bells havingno more, salesman really twisted the truth about to heir services
  13. codfromderby

    Any financial advisors on here

    It's to do with company called commitments protection
  14. codfromderby

    Any financial advisors on here

    I think I've been had, any financial advisors on here please pm me,
  15. codfromderby

    this is what can you get for three quid these days

    Or in this case a quid whirlwind, full time thing/ ecstacy passion and pain touch and go 12"


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