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  1. Mine doesn't have the scratched out matrix but,(to my ears anyway), sounds just like the second YT clip above.
  2. Noggin


    Anyone? VG+ or better. PM please.
  3. That would be great. Thanks.
  4. This is really confusing me. Mine has nothing scratched out. Don't Lead Me On. ZTSC 97700 and Bell Stamp. What Did I Do Wrong. ZTSC 97699 and Bell stamp. Is this first or second mix?
  5. Noggin


    Anyone got one at a reasonable price? Please pm with details.
  6. Noggin

    Rosco Gordon. Sorted now.

    Looking for Jomada issue. PM please.
  7. Noggin

    Rose Valentine. SORTED

    Got a max of 80.00 plus postage.
  8. vg+ or better. Pm if you have one please.
  9. VG+ or better. Anyone selling?
  10. Noggin

    Apollas Mr Creator

    VG+ or better wanted.
  11. Noggin

    Short Kuts

    Your Eyes May Shine. PM with price including post to Norway.
  12. Noggin



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