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  1. Can You Dig It

    only a few weeks to go now to some classy soul music of the Modern variety , Nick ,Michael & Shorty diggin' through the collections to bring you some grooves of quality . Hope you can stop by
  2. Can You Dig It

    might be Halloween , but the only thing going bump in the night is going to be some classy Modern soul , Can you dig it !
  3. Can You Dig It

    Quality Modern Soul , ALRTINCHAM , Cheshire . Really looking forward to hooking up with Nick and Michael for the inaugural Modern soul event at the A.S E club in leafy Altincham . class grooves and peeps
  4. The White Bull 7ts Modern and Crossover

    and one day John , you might see Lord Lucan riding a Unicorn
  5. The White Bull 7ts Modern and Crossover

    top night again , with quality Soul people , Soul Sam and Steve Clayton absolutely top notch special guests , always lovely to hook up with Roman , wendy ,Lodgie and the Groovy gang , Modern Soul Class
  6. The White Bull 7ts Modern and Crossover

    and yes Lodgie , even after putting a shift in , Mr Keary ready to fling some foot.
  7. The White Bull 7ts Modern and Crossover

    Scrumdidlyumptious [ is that a word ] Modern Soul tonight in Gisburn . Soul Sam and Steve Clayton are special guests , with Roman , Lodgie , Robbie & Shorty . Modern soul music across all those decades , oh yes !
  8. The White Bull 7ts Modern and Crossover

    very good advice Mr. Keary , but with you navigating , little chance of that ! joking apart though , this will be a class night of Moderness. Soul Sam & Steve Clayton are our very special guests , with Groovalicious boys, Roman - Lodgie - Robbie E & Shorty . like CHIC , said - " good Times , leave your cares behind
  9. Charity Soul smashes through donation target of £50,000

    Massive Milestone , for the Charity soul peeps , suspect there's more to come from the Charity soul Movement - please support their Brilliant events !
  10. The White Bull 7ts Modern and Crossover

    Not long to go now to the next Modern Soul extravaganza at the White Bull , Gisburn . if you need a room please Don't leave it too late , sold out last time . Guests Soul Sam & Steve Clayton , digging into their expansive , wonderful collections . Groovylicious boys - Roman - Lodgie - Robbie E - Shorty . would be lovely to see you !
  11. The White Bull 7ts Modern and Crossover

    Ding ! Ding . round two. the last one was a Modern soul smorgasbord . great tunes with a marinade of quality soul folks getting down for the fun of it . Soul Sam rocked the house last time and is back to do it again . Steve Clayton will bring that super quality Modern soul , no decade left unturned from the Groovylicious boys . would be lovely to see you !

    another top quality day on the Horizon - all you need to fill your soul - Northern - Modern - Rare & underplayed . quality people in a great venue . pre-order those tickets on the numbers above and save a few quid ! shorty

    believe , rooms very close to sold out now , great venue , lots of people travelling , Modern soul in all its glory . DJs diggin' deep into their collections , Groovylicious gang plus special guests , Geoff Allman and Des Jones . will be class ! don't miss it.
  14. CHARITY SOUL ALL-DAYER @ Headingley Carnegie Stadium Leeds

    WOW . all this for Ten quid, is it a misprint . four rooms of soul music , two live acts in those wonderful surroundings. that's like 1980's prices .have to dig some appropriate clothing out , can always raid Lodgies wardrobe. lol
  15. Charity Soul goes International