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  1. believe , rooms very close to sold out now , great venue , lots of people travelling , Modern soul in all its glory . DJs diggin' deep into their collections , Groovylicious gang plus special guests , Geoff Allman and Des Jones . will be class ! don't miss it.
  2. WOW . all this for Ten quid, is it a misprint . four rooms of soul music , two live acts in those wonderful surroundings. that's like 1980's prices .have to dig some appropriate clothing out , can always raid Lodgies wardrobe. lol
  3. until

  4. Come along, for the very best of Northern Soul @ Rolls Royce Leisure Club, Skipton Road, Baronldswick BB18 6HJ
  5. yep , all roads lead to Harrogate for this blue chip soul event , top class live act and more soul of every genre than you could wish for . hope to see you there Shorty
  6. the Fantabulous Charity soul @ the Carnegie Stadium is almost with us and what a great day this will be with the Amazing Flirtations and of course johnny boy Live ! and Three rooms of the music that's been the soundtrack to our lives . SOUL ! class Northern / Modern / Rare and underplayed, in what must be one of the Classiest venues anywhere. and on a bank holiday Sunday with no school on Monday . oh yea . order your tickets on the link above. shorty
  7. Romping round to another Soulful mega event at the Manhattan , with classy soul act Sarah Collins and KTF. THREE- yep three rooms of all the soul you can manage ! Northern/Modern/Rare and underplayed. great bar prices - food available - quality merchandise stalls . order those tickets on the numbers above and as ever keep up to date with all up-coming events on Charity Soul's website . will be a corker !
  8. can only echo the comments of our happy revellers , a splendid bursting at the seems White Bull with a plethora of quality Modern soul grooves laid down . Soul Sam doing what soul Sam does , playing top drawer rare soul music with just a coupla' oldies mixed in , nice to see some youngsters on the dance floor [ not you Lodgie ] generous soul people generating £ 140 for the Christina Thomas fund [ soul singer Kenny's daughter] and £80 pounds amassed for U.K Charity soul . looking forward to September and the next Groovylicious at the White Bull.
  9. Happy Easter y'all look forward to seeing everyone later.
  10. He he , don't worry about the funky chef , he's gonna storm that dancefloor.
  11. some quality requests coming in Ricardo, and so far none of them ending in OFF. lol. hope there's some Frankie Knuckles in your box for John
  12. until

    Charity Soul on tour. no brainer. quality people , quality music , and eternal sunshine . treat yourself. you know it makes sense. shorty
  13. looking forward to our Easter Modern Soul jamboree. quality grooves galore and of course our Easter egg raffle , with all proceeds and donations going to the Christina Thomas fund
  14. and right back at you Mr. Reynard , always enjoy the company of you and the crew , with some quality soul in the mix and a certain SAM. looking foeward to it Mon Ami. shorty
  15. now here speaks a gentleman with the wisdom of Soloman ! cant really add much to that ,but I know three legends who can