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  1. SOUL UNDERGROUND ...just that little bit extra

    For whatever reason, on our little scene, there seems to have been a reluctance to book DJs to play extended sets – whether that be a four hour stint, or even the whole night. This could be due to more traditional line-up formats being preferred, or maybe DJs not wanting to play any longer than two hours. A more cynical explanation might be that booking more DJs guarantees a few more bodies on the floor! Perhaps all these reasons have a hand to play, we’re not quite sure. Either way, it seems a real shame as there are some incredible record collections on this scene, crying out to be explored and shared through longer sets. In an attempt to buck this trend, we’re giving the whole night over to our resident, Jamie Taylor. With six hours to go out, Jamie will dig deep through his crates to reflect what Soul Underground means to him. Without the constraints a short set imposes, he will have time to explore, in greater detail, the genres, labels and artists the venue has championed over the last seventeen years. There will be soul, house and jazz, and he’ll attempt to join (as Gilles Peterson puts it) the musical dots in between. Now, it wouldn’t be Soul Underground without our resident percussionist, Glenn Worthington. With an unrivalled knowledge of his music and craft, and a unique understanding of how Jamie plays, Glenn is the perfect accompaniment for sets like this. Plus, for the first time in a long time, he’ll be dusting down and bringing out his full percussion kit – timbales included! Really hope you can join us for this one and as always, if you fancy staying over, double rooms are just £38. Just call 01922 722921 and quote 'Soul Underground' when booking. We’ve also recently uploaded 27 recordings from previous parties to our Mixcloud page, so fill your boots with the link below - SU on Mixcloud: https://mixcloud.com/Soul_Underground SU on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/soul-underground-music Soul Underground Saturday 1st July 2017 Basement Jacks (Formerly the Wharf) Metro Inns Birmingham Road Walsall WS5 3AB 8pm - 2am £5 Entry
  2. Are Dj Bookings/spots Incestuous?

    Spot on :-))
  3. Lea Manor Update

    Lol @ Dave ... still as dizzy as ever then .. sorry Dave ..I was obviously thinking it must be getting on for 20 years since it started .. I knew it closed 10 years ago because Soul Underground is in its 10th year and I think it must have gone on for around...
  4. Lea Manor Update

    Hi Martin Dixon mentioned this thread to me so thought I'd have a little look.. We've seen the pics in the press too and I have to drive past on occasions and agree its very upsetting,but it was a very long time ago now and nothing lasts forever. I th...
  5. Soul Underground ..just That Little Bit Extra

    Hi Sam Thanks ...have a good one in return , I'm playing down at Port Soul in Portsmouth that weekend but sure you'll have a great night as ever . Enjoy your Weekender too , see you at Prestatyn Lin
  6. Hi Just wanted to mention that Soul Underground ..just that little bit extra returns on Saturday 25th September 2010 at the classy Ramadea Hotel in Wolverhampton /Oldbury Hotel Quality contemporary soul music ,some fine Gospel cuts and a with a spinkli...
  7. Blue Max Rip

    Hi So ,so, sad reading this news. Echo what everyone has said , Max has a massive impact on us both first and foremost as a total and utter gentleman of the highest order but also as one of Lea Manor's finest DJ's ..memories of Bumpy and Thumpy (Max ...
  8. Current 2009 Recommendations ?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNakW41Eiek As good as it gets for me this year ..awesome remake from one of the albums of 2009..Emotional and if you're going to rework something then no complaints if its as good as this :-)) Lin
  9. Now in our 9th year the next Soul Underground on Saturday 24th October promises to be better than ever Colin Curtis headlining in The Bar along with Paul Smith Jamie Taylor and Glenn on drums .. whilst the residents in The Courtyard have invited the fabulous...
  10. Soulfusion Sat 19Th September

    Hi Despite being full of cold I loved it and Jamie had a blast ..he wasn't sure what to expect but was really warmly welcomed by everyone and people couldn't have been nicer in their feedback... Great to see so many faces from Albrighton and The Wharf da...
  11. Hi Just tuned in to Richards last show and he mentioned that he has with him a cd of him DJ'ing at Wigan Casino..he said if he can find the courage ( was going to say the Bottle ) he might play it in the last hour of the show . Just thought it may...
  12. Hi Just wanted to mention that Soul Underground celebrates 8 years this coming Saturday at The Rainbow and our special guests will be Miles Eastwick and Thierry Boulanger from Brussels . Details on the flyer or pm me thanks Lin website
  13. Lea Manor

    Hi well I can't think of anything thats more fun Lovely to hear from you ,glad to hear all is good with you . Maybe we just can't go back , if we did it might not be as good ..nobody can take away the memories or the music though can they ...
  14. Lea Manor

    Hi Len Havent seen you forever , how are you ?? This thread is a real memory jerker .. so many nice people . Hope you and yours are OK Lin x
  15. Lea Manor

    Oh David please don't post it .. it was one of the most difficult experiences I have ever endured and I know that I didnt do justice to Lens very articulate and heartfelt "eulogy"..I think it was one of those moments that you could only understand if you had ...

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