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  1. RIP Les. Even though I never met you, I felt I knew you from listening to you on Solar for a very long time. I'm gutted.
  2. I play my 45's every day of the week, I never really got into CD's and I'm not up for listening to youtube or spotify. I'll leave that to the young 'un's, for me you cant beat a record and never will.
  3. Does anyone know the current rate for mint philly all stars Lets clean up the ghetto promos in the various cities? cheers
  4. I got it with around 20 other 45's so I paid $24 for postage. Still came out well on top compered to UK prices.
  5. I just got my mint demo from Discogs in the U.S for only $2.00, bargain for a good tune.
  6. Great thread. I played a good few last night as couldnt drag myself to a do so I played Margie Joseph Come on back to me lover Barbara Pennington Twenty Four hours a day Brainstorm Wake up and be somebody Eddie Kendricks Going up in smoke Dramatics No rebate on love Bill Harris uptown Saturday night Baby Washington Just can’t get you out of my mind Executive Suite When the fuel runs out Tower of power This time it’s real Terry Collins I L.O.V.E Y.O.U Anthony White Stop and think it over Linda Clifford From now on Jackie Moore Both ends against the middle Hearts of Stone If I could give you the world Tapestry Big stone wall Mandrill Too late The mighty pope Heaven on the 7th floor Melba Moore Standing right here Major Harris Loving you is mellow Archie Bell and the Drells Old people Suited me down to the ground and loved all of them and the other 100.
  7. Thanks lads, I actually bought the Philly off Discogs this month. It was advertised as AE71135 which is Miami. I already have it and just bought it as a spare so when AE7 1136 turned up and mint to for only $3.99 I was a little chuffed. Getting all of them will be a right pain and somewhere I don't wanna go. If one comes up I'll get it but I'm not chasing them.
  8. I know it's a little modern for some but I could never live without hearing this once a week.
  9. I know there were around 11-13 cities used at the start of the promos but out of all of them which is the rarest out there. I have two myself, I'm not a collector of them I have Miami and Philadelphia just wanted to know out of interest.
  10. I went to the Stratford all dayer yesterday. Great place and as usual a great crowd but the sound was probably the worst I've heard at a dance for ages. Not only could you not hear the DJ's talking between records the tunes themselves were sometimes hard to distinguish. Shame really but luckily it didn't spoil it as much as it could have. It was still really enjoyable.
  11. Soulie52


    I'm going cannot wait I need a good dance .
  12. Soulie52

    Wakefield Soul @ Warehouse 23

    See you there pal
  13. Soulie52

    Wakefield Soul @ Warehouse 23

    Giving this a go tomorrow, looking forward to it.

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