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  1. Hi Baz, Correction ,5 including ,blueyed soulster B j Thomas .The Elton John version is on Hallmark chm 660 ,(100 at 87 p on discogs) not bad ,he did play organ for some big visiting 60 s US acts ,including Major Lance.LOL .
  2. Hi Baz , As I said earlier ,Hearts of Stone LP " Stop The World I wanna Get On " on US V.I.P. their only Album ,not hard crops up on eBay about £20 ,try discogs or Steve Plumbs soulmusic web site. Best of Luck good LP LOL .,(4 versions ; Buddy Miles, Electrifying Casmeres, Bay Sisters,Reg Dwight( on a 1969 Top of Pops Cheapo Lp Alledgely,!)
  3. Hearts of stone ,LP version ,no sax , just harmonies,possible? LOl Ali.
  4. Andrea ,sorry about the gender issue, Despite my confusion you have highlighted a very pertinent issue , test presses,demos ,pertaining to be genuine,Again it's a case of buyer beware, read the small print .,Caveat etc. Great post ,now see you are male , will you marry me ? LOL , Janet .
  5. Andrea,Andrea, AmI being sexist and patronising,sorry, the verdict of my learned chums is you've been had! Affine example of the "Blue Peter" art of; stick on ,ink print lable, with ,Demo,Test Press ,dates, DJ xx's,audition copy, original lable , (Dearborn). 33 euros, not on ,OK ,a repro , £5 to £10 fair price ,No Problems, I have afake Ferrari watch on my wrist cost 5 euros , but I know it (so does all of Marbella!) .This Test Press mullarky is too much ,(brought it up here last year,lot of dealers at it). Solution,the seller obviously is a knowledgeable soul guy, !.You wanna your money back? The Seller is a Yorkie from,Duffield ,surely (don't call me Shirley) some of the dedicated members from my ancestral home can help? Very Best Johnny Hart ,Malaga Spain.
  6. Stevie Aldo&Fix ,one of the first live soul singers I ever saw regularly at the Mardi Gras club in Mount Pleasant ,Liverpool. As a 16 year old this guy was the Real Deal interpreting live what we heard only on disc.Truly an icon to me and a super cool dude.Wonderful talent,made a great contribution to the Mersey soul scene .Respect Stevie.
  7. Hi Kevin Kent, Sorry to say tried in the past ,but failed asked for help ,which was graetfully received .Very dissapointed with you response please pm me if you feel you have any more issues,have aa great weekend K'K.LOL Very Best Regards johnny hart.(thanks to mike to moderator assistance)
  8. Could you please change my site moniker from : conchitta too ; Johnny Hart. Please gracias ,no problems ,your, ,have a great weekend , Magnifico site , LOL .john Darrell hart ,malaga .
  9. "You'll Never Work again"!, was the "alleged" mantra of Berry jnr. Happily All did, my current post Motown artiste plays are; Contours= "Gonna Win You Back" (motor city 1992, Thanks to the musical genius of Blackpool's Chosen One Ian Levine! Possibly according to Geoff , Sylvester Potts on lead but after 30 plus members since Motown in 1968 who Knows? Originals=" Temporarily Out of Order"(fantasy 1978) What's Your Fave ? LOL Johnny , Malaga, Costa del Soul ,Espana.
  10. Thank you ,MH, got in on your link. Results overview; most of acetates only realised half of estimate,and lots of £200-£300 acetates did not sell, highest price for me The Originals :"Young Train " w/l promo made £600 a giant leap in the last 12 months. LP,s Motown ,showed the lack of interest in the brand most making only £5to £10 and all the once wanted items where there. I Sold my Motown LPs last year with Omega Auctions of Manchester ,did much better !
  11. Hi Nick H, Trawl through EBay Tampa Motown singles(50 plus pages) seller in last week had Marvelettes ;pink,and Temptations "Tempt in' at around £50 each. Per-So-Nally,would not touch them ,vastly overpriced,sound quality Dire, cramming 6 Tracks onto 7inchesleaves Ultra Low Fi sound quality,despite max volume,much worse than some of the Motown LP mixes. Best of Luck ,LOL Johnny, Malaga Espana.
  12. Price please for ,Calibre & Fantasy copies G will do ,no Manny's or RNS . apply gracias for your time LOL Johnny , Pm please
  13. Don't Call me a "Veteran". Love to help with your manuscript ,from a dance floor regular perspective from 6, Whitworth Street Days "Call on Me" .LOL, Johnny, Malaga,Espana.
  14. "Let's Go Nowhere"? , Just a Health warning to S.S. Chums! Soul Slider put it audibly more subtley,Root and Jenny's great Live shows did not convert to vinyl(cousins actually) their 5 recordings 4 on Beacon And one as The Breakfast Club on Cane are "Different" As an annoying little arse, at Station Road ,I would pester the numerous uno DJ,on the planet Dickie Starling ,for dance plays .,e.g.; Smith Bros ,Capreeez, Tavares "Heaven"and aweekly irritant to him ;Richard Dean Taylor's "Let'let's Go Somewhere" ! In a stroke of eloquent genius ,on commence meant of his early morning spot before I could utter play "Let's Go " He handed me Mint copy of Beacon 136 from 1969. I rushed away with my treasure, forget Beryl Marsden and David Garricks this must be it , from a master of Brit Soul ,Richard! One play later had the desired effect, never would I annoy the Chosen One Again . It was /is Totally Awful.LOL Johnny Hart .Malaga.
  15. Carl Douglas ,did a fine version of "I Want To Give You My Everything" on20th Century Fox(about a tenner on Discogs),Check it out ! Once again , Who are Newby and Johnson,Total Happiness! LOL Johnny Espana