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  1. Wigan Footage

    Lack of people?,there was many nights like that in the last year especially inbetween oldie nights anniversaries etc,Lad in the clip at 1:02 in the black jumper was lester from Wigan
  2. Anyone From This Pic Come On Here?

    Bloody hell who dug this up?,i was after anyone who might have still been in touch with chris that's why i posted it. Sorry to disappoint but the lad in the glasses is defo Chris Richards(Jones etc)Brian Rae was telling me he did change his name about ba...
  3. nice pic you nutter,up the reds lol

  4. News: Gil Scott-Heron RIP

    A true legend will be missed.
  5. Old Wigan Casino Piccys

    Video was done by Brian Latham(lad in the clips with the white shirt on 1:38 secs in the video)he was a very good friend of steve smiths. He's on facebook. People i know in it are. 3:26 brian latham/steve/mike green(warrington) 3:47 girl ...
  6. We Are The Mods Film

  7. Memories Of The Casino

    1)Getting in/there-Never having the money but refusing to give up getting there and getting in-had some quite interesting escapes/captures,that back bridge at Wigan north western station got some usage;). 2)Friends-still after all these years keeping in ...
  8. The Geography Of Northernsoul

    This was said years ago,there wasn't many scousers on the soul scene in the late 70s early 80s i seem to remember.One lad from Liverpool who i knew from the casino(think his name was peter jones)said that not many where into the scene because it was wools mu...
  9. Clapping?

    Got to agree pete
  10. Heres An Old Photo

    Must have had a camera attached to her lol,she said she has some more to put up,cant wait.
  11. Glynis Elgey`s Photo`s

    Yeah some cracking pics,i have already posted a few on here:thumbsup:.
  12. Heres An Old Photo

    Another one from Glynis on facebook;),she has some top pictures:thumbsup:.
  13. What's The Most You've Paid

    That's the fella webby,oh and here he is:lol:. Thanks to Glynis of facebook. Dean in the black top,damien from Widnes in the yellow top,not sure who the lad in the white shirt is. Have e-mailed him webby,text him and let him know i have s...
  14. What's The Most You've Paid

    Nothing more than a few quid mesen,i bought what was reasonably priced at the time,let the people with the money pay it. Webby seem to remember your Dean buying Country Girl at the casino about 80? not sure what price he paid but it was a fooking lot,ask...
  15. Morecambe - 80s Allnighters

    No no definitive list of sounds i was purely saying there has been a few threads about the great place done over the years,carry on:lol:.

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