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  1. On reaching 50 you should be able to get a simple blood test as part of a general health check. The sample will be analysed and results returned to your GP within 48 hours. it will return key measurements for cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and a measurement for your PSA (prostate specific antigen). While a raised PSA (say, above 5) can be an early warning of prostate cancer, it can also be due to the onset of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate). Having had the latter at age 49, there comes a time after that when the associated bladder problems start to disrupt your l
  2. It seems like one-way traffic at the moment so, just to balance things out a bit, it might be interesting to hear if there are any staunch Boris supporters on this forum - maybe via another thread to avoid us heading even further off-topic? A lot of people (including some soulies) must have voted for him to get him to where he is! If that's you, have your opinions changed since his election and, if so, do you think he's still leading us in the right direction?
  3. The reason why masks weren't made compulsory at the outset had nothing to do with "the science". The acute shortage of PPE for frontline workers, required an ample supply of masks to NHS workers for treating patients. Had Johnson and Hancock made the recommendation for the general public to wear masks, there would have been a mad online stampede for them and a black market infinitely worse than the debacle that transpired. Instead, the government relied on the televised daily press briefings to convince the public that masks would do nothing to help the spread of coronavirus. It worked - for a
  4. My original post and the responses highlight what's happening in the wider world: people fall into one of two camps - those who take their social responsibility to others seriously and those who are in it for themselves. "A lifetime of habits" is something we all have in one way or another. The responsible ones among us have worked hard to adapt those habits to the new world order. The others won't see the situation as real until something tragic occurs close to home. As for the "soulies with a load of drink and drugs in them" comment I suspect it belongs to a bygone age. For those of us
  5. No issues with the volume, dancing or singing - just the lack of respect exhibited by some (not all). Luckily, my new shoes kept everyone from me at a safe distance!
  6. Maybe I'm the only grumpy sixty-something focusing on this but I feel I need to vent my spleen. Last Saturday, I attended an afternoon soul session in Shropshire. Full credit to those who organised the socially distanced seating inside and outside the marquee and the varied playlists from all the DJs was enjoyable after such a long absence of events. However, what I found unbelievable was the number of "long-lost friends" who, upon meeting up, felt the uncontrollable urge to follow a formal fist-bump with an all-encompassing embrace of each other, including the occasional kiss on cheek fo
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