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  1. Cheers for the info. Expensive but all the best tunes are lol
  2. Hi all can anyone tell me the going price for original Otis lee hard row to how.
  3. Hi everyone excuse my knowledge does anyone know if there was every a legit uk issue of lou lawton knick nack patty wack
  4. Cheers. Not as pricey as i thought dont need to get my defibrillator out lol
  5. Cheers that helps not as pricey ias i thought it might be. I dont need to get my defibrillator out lol
  6. Hi all think i posted this in wrog place originally. Can anyone tell how much i could expect to pay for an original joey gee Its more than i deserve. I only have the stardust re-issue.
  7. Can anyone tell me how much I could expect to pay for an original joey gee it's more than I deserve. I only have an old stardust pressing
  8. I have bought this one. Imo its a great version. Sorry only just log back on just seen your comment
  9. Yep just seen orthea barnes now, not sure now which version i prefer. Thanks to everyone for info
  10. Cheers for info il check out holidays version too
  11. Sorry put this query on wrong place must wear my glasses when using mobile lol. Can anyone help with this. I've just seen unissued remastered pat Lewis watch out on sonic wax is this it's first outing on vinyl. I quite like this one but need more info before I spend a tenner lol
  12. Hi all just seen the unissued remastered sonic wax issue of this pat Lewis find watch out. Is this the first release on vinyl cheers
  13. Hi can any one tell me if this is legit issue. Bought from reputable seller saying he thought it was a legit issue light blue plain lable. Just seen one on Discogs posted as a reissue? Thanks
  14. Hi anyone know when a legit issue of this was pressed and on what lable

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