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  1. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    Well it's that time of the year to open the decks up to the ladies. This month our guest DJs are: Sue Tydd ( Walkden Legion of Soul ) Sharon Spencer & Debs ( Blackburn Oldies ) Kate Alexandra ( Preston ) Angie & Amy (Farnworth Cricket Club ) Alexis Vanlee ( Manchester ) It's going to be an awesome night of great soul music. £4-00 OTD Large Wooden Dance floor . Well stocked cheap bar ,with friendly staff Feel Free to leave any comments etc
  2. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    Lets blow the roof off this time , The return of Scotland's' best Chris De Luen And his northern buddy Lester Wardle £4-00 OTD Great wooden dance-floor Large well stocked bar with great prices Friendly staff Fully air conditioned And awesome Soul Music across the board
  3. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    Why not come and wash away those back to work blues ,with some fantastic soul music. £4-00 OTD Guest Djs, Dave Hutchinson ( Preston ) Danny " Shakey " Patton ( RMI ) Alexis Vanlee ( Manchester ) Cheap Bar Prices with friendly staff Large wooden dancefloor Air Conditioning Across the board music policy
  4. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    Another opportunity to come and listen to one of the best sound systems on the soul scene, playing some of the greatest sounds around. Guest DJs: Bernard Pearson & Sharon ( Farnworth Cricket Club ) Derek Gorman ( Irlam Soul Club ) Gaz Roscoe ( Farnworth Cricket Club ) £ 4-00 OTD Large wooden dance floor Cheap bar prices ,with friendly bar staff. Fully air conditioned room. 8-00 pm to 01-00 am Across the board music policy. PETE COULSON IS UNAVAILABLE , PLease See ammended DJ LIST Above. Due to circumstances beyond our control, unfortunately Pete Coulson is unable to Dj for us at this time. We are grateful that Bernard Pearson and the lovely Sharon have agreed to stand in for Pete. We look forward to seeing you all on the 31st August. Keep the faith Keiron & Diane.
  5. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    Why not join us in our fully air conditioned club for a great night of thumping soul music. £4-00 OTD Guest DJs . Sue Tydd ( Walkden Legion of Soul ) Shaun Callon ( St Francis's Blackburn ) Andy Eastwood ( Manchester ) Large wooden dancefloor Well stocked, reasonably priced bar,with great friendly staff. Across the board music policy
  6. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    Come along and join us as we celebrate Karen's (AKA Mrs Bickerton's ) ***** Birthday. Also our Christines ***** Birthday. Great soul music in a fantastic venue. £4-00 OTD Guest Djs Graeme Bickerton Steve Rimmer Alongside Resident Dj Keiron Woodward. Cheap bar prices with friendly staff to serve your every need. Large wooden dancefloor. Across the board great soul music.
  7. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    Why not come and join us in the quest to bring soul music to the nation.£4-00 OtdGuest Djs Gaz Roscoe & Angie Bretherton ( Farnworth Cricket Club )Our Debbs ( St Francis's Blackburn )Cheap bar prices with friendly staff Across the board music Large wooden dance floor
  8. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    Why not join us on our Quest to bring soul to your hearts ? 8-00PM till 12-45AM £4-00 OTD Guest Djs Diamond Des Jones(Ramsbottom Civic Hall ) George Hughes ( Walkden Legion of Soul ) Large wooden dancefloor Well stocked bar ,with Cheap prices and friendly staff. Music across the board. Strictly no additives are to be used on the dance floor
  9. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    Why not join us on our first everDouble Deck Night£4-00 OTDGuest Djs Steve & Joan Rimmer ( Southport )Graeme & Karen Bickerton ( Burnley )Large wooden dancefloorWell stocked bar ,with the return of Margaret the GOTH .Music across the board.Strictly no additives are to be used on the dance floor
  10. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    , As we grow from strength to strength ,why not join us for our 1st Anniversary at St Marys RC Social Club. £4-00 OTD Guest DJs Sam McConnell ( Hardy Hall } Dave Lowe ( Ramsbottom ) Lee Modtober Catracchia ( Manchester ) Large wooden dancefloor Great ,well stocked bar,with friendly staff Music across the board , with something for everybody. Be there or be square.
  11. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    Following on from our amazing christmas bash, lets start the year as we mean to go on. join us at St Marys .on friday 26th January for another helping of great soul music. Guest Djs Kev Murphy Carol McCarthy £4-00 OTD Well stocked bar with great prices and friendly staff large wooden dance floor across the board music Don't miss our warm up spot by 10 year old Lilly
  12. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    As we grow from strength to strength why not be a part of it. £4-00 OTD Large wooden dancefloor well stocked bar with cheap prices and friendly staff Music policy across the board Guest DJs Pete Eccles Stuart Mellor John Birchenough
  13. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    URGENT NOTICE VENUE CHANGE LADIES ONLY DJ NIGHT Well It's that time of the year when we open our Decks to the Ladies.This is always a great night , but this year we are also celebrating our own Dianes $@ Birthday and young Amy Haslams 18th Birthday.£4-00 OTDGuest Djs Carol McCarthySharon SpencerAmy HaslamDebbs From St MarksThis will be a packer, so get there early to enjoy the Fun & Fantastic Music.
  14. Chefwoody

    K & D Soul Club

    After a great night in September , we welcome Guest Djs Sue Tydd ( Walkden Legion of Soul ) Steve Rimmer ( Wigan ) Lester Wardle ( Burnley Fulledge ) To St Mary's Social Club Pine Street Radcliffe M26 2WQ £4-00 OTD Large wooden dancefloor Cheap Bar Prices served by Great friendly bar staff Resident Dj Keiron " Woody " Woodward Music across the board Why not give us a try ?
  15. Chefwoody

    St Marys Chambers 60s Festival

    Why not come and join us for an afternoon of across the board soul music as part of the Rossendale 60s festival FREE ADMISSION Organised by Keiron " Woody" Woodward ( K & D Soul Club ) A great Large Wooden Dance Floor Fabulous Bar https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=st+mary's+chambers+rawtenstall&rlz=1C1AFAB_enGB473GB743&tbm=isch&imgil=VkjH2H1ZtwBayM%3A%3BSas2sR4dh8PnxM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.rightmove.co.uk%252Fcommercial-property-to-let%252Fproperty-50763821.html&source=iu&pf=m&fir=VkjH2H1ZtwBayM%3A%2CSas2sR4dh8PnxM%2C_&usg=__zWRbetUNFFXxYx3Cu2DWhC3EzpA%3D


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