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    Cheap WC! Sounds interesting. 10p instead of 20p?
  2. 100 Club all nighter

    Looking forward to this as no Christmas do for me this year- will be in Tobago. Deffo up for some decent music this weekend. x
  3. 100 Club

    Not been for a while, looking forward to this.

    My first trip to Gloucester and glad I made the effort as it was a brilliant night. It's a pricey gig for me as necessitates a stopover due to travel time, but do-able a couple of times a year. The TOD room was perfect for the music and the dancefloor ideal as well- no talc! ) as fortunately the function before had not required it.. good news as the slippery thing gives me awkwardness not joy. Excellent sets from Adam/ Dave, Bob & Dr P. Too long now to remember specific tracks sorry. I can remember one title but that seems a bit lame now. Some lovely new stuff though from Dave and Adam. Around 4am I decided to call it a night, and went downstairs but didn't actually leave, as was tempted to dance to northern soul (well blow me down, or maybe, slip over rather) for about an hour. Enjoyed some crafty tunes like Syng McGowan (like that) and even risked a bit of a twirl- was the end of the night for me so didn't matter if I got virtually covered head to foot in talc. Great to see some lovely mates haven't seen for ages and have a catch-up. Lovely clean venue, nice staff, a pleasure to visit. Almost as good as Centerparcs.

    Hi, a bit late as this night was two weeks ago, but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Stewartby. To describe it as an 'oldies night' isn't accurate (I don't know if anyone did this time, but I have heard as such before). The variety and quality of music was what you would expect from a big allnighter, but with a bit more variety- not just northern-there were quality classics like Flash McKinley, Judy Freeman & Blackrock, Etta James, Celeste Hardie, a nice bit of RnB, plus Latin soul tracks like Hard Hands (R Baretto) and a good variety of modern from 70s through to 00s. Quite a few unusual bits played and even going a bit funk-ways, like a version of 'You Don't Mean it' which was not Towanda Barnes. (who was it?). Personally I was dancing pretty much all the time I was there. The DJs came prepared with big boxes of records, took requests, and clearly some thought had gone into the musical structure of the night- it didn't 'peak' too early, pace-wise. The room's a nice size with plenty of seating, and the dancefloor is good and nicely positioned. For a value night out (a FIVER) I'd definitely recommend it.
  6. Golden Soul @ Golden Lion Hotel St.Ives

    Hi, this is just down the road from me- who's going? Is it in a separate function room upstairs? This is the only bit of promotion I've seen anywhere, so wilI be the only person there?! I'll try anything once...can always run off to Snooks or Stewartby if it's dead!
  7. brothers of soul

    Fab set of pictures Chalky
  8. brothers of soul

  9. brothers of soul

    By the way if anyone took photos of the stage during performance that included the string section (not just me, haha) I would be grateful for them as my three frinds I played with would like to see them. Please PM me for email address. Thank you. M x
  10. brothers of soul

    When I was given a copy of 'Come on Back' by the Brothers of Soul about 20 years ago as a present, I was really pleased, and it's always been one of my favourite records. But back then if someone had said, 'how about you get to see them perform live, but not only that, you get to rehearse and play in the band with them', I would have politely said 'haha, pull the other one'! But it happened! On Friday when we arrived for rehearsal and met the polite, patient Fred Bridges and Bobby Eaton, the string section had  prepared for the night with lots of practice, but we were still a little nervous about some of the performance details. (like, how to end the songs). We needn't had worried- thanks to the great arrangement work done by Shaun Evans and direction in rehearsal from Dale Gibson, we all knew exactly what should happen. And when the brothers started singing, (I think the first song we started with was 'I'd be grateful') the other players I was with (not soul scene people) all said what wonderful voices they have. After a quick run through all the songs, it was time to pop out for some food. A bar over the road had just opened after a change of management and this was an excuse for a free-canape-grazing session. This could have got quite messy (the prawn bites particularly were an awkward mouthful) but keeping it to two drinks (wish I'd done that last night) and employing some good tactical grazing techiniques, meant I went back to my room happily sated and not drunk, at 11pm, ready for the nexy day's fun. A free day allowed a look round Coventry, and I enjoyed the cathedral, and a trip to the university art gallery, where someone nearly persuaded me to sign up for a post-graduate law degree. I was excited, but not that excited, so I desisted from this temptation and popped back to the hotel to grab my violin ready for sound check at 5pm. This was when as per plan, the other half of the strings team turned up- I was glad to see them! Finishing the sound check at about 8, we nipped off for some food and to change into the black outfits, and I couldn't wait to get back! After a quick dance or three to a great set from John Manship (which unfortunately my attention was not fully on as my mind was on the performance to come), and a bit of a chat and a much needed drink, it was time to go on stage. As the band struck up with 'Frantic Escape' and then 'Bari Track', I was in a state of mild elation.. not too excited or one's bow tends to quiver a bit. The songs all went to plan apart from an extra one we improvised for and another one we thought we weren't going to do and then did.. but the more the better! I was really impressed with Bob and Fred's energy and willingness to sing for the encores, as they are not young men any more and had some challenges to sing high notes, etc. But they sounded just amazing. It was over all too soon, and then time to catch up on some dancing to the fab music on offer from the DJs. Around 2am I was tired (it had been a long day) and went back to the Britannia. But I was so excited and enthralled by what had just happened that I couldn't sleep for about an hour. It was a great night but also personally for me a very special thing. For 25 years soul music and playing the violin have been two separate loves in my life that never met- and that is a gap I always hoped to bridge. Thanks to this event I have done that. I was quite emotional on Sunday and before I left Coventry (having spent a happy two hours in the Transport Museum) I had to go back to the Caribbean Centre and just stand in there and remember what had taken place the night before. Big thank you to Rob Moss for having the whole idea in the first place and asking me to play and obtain the other strings. For a while it was a bit of a question mark just how that would come about- but we had Dale and Shaun- thanks to them for the work on arranging and organising. There was a lot of organisation in the night and there is no way Rob could have done it without Dale, Shaun, Samantha, Roger Saint, Eddie Hubbard, Adam Topping, and probably a few others I didn't know about. There were a lot of little legs under the millipede. I know how much organisation is involved just from having to organise four of us (including me) - making sure everyone is in the right place at right time with what they need. That was enough for me! Worth it though for the experience on the night. I am so happy to have been involved and had an amazing time. Big thanks to all who made it possible. Michele x
  11. Groovesville - Saturday 7 May 2011

    Was a good night, great quality music. Great to see Toby, Geoff, Carol, Martin & Karen, & congratulations to Pete & Emmie on their engagement- great news. Mick H's records were fab, and was a treat to hear the Eddie Daniels along with some v ...
  12. Club Caliente - Peterborough

    Top post Andy, yes there are not many local dos where you get that sort of variety & quality, I mean good taste.. glad to be back, will make sure I don't leave it so long next time. Cheers Michele
  13. I am going .. be nice to see you guys again.. what time does it start? m
  14. 2011-02-25: Soul In The South Allnighter

    Thank you Sallie & Rod- really enjoyed this night, excellent venue with just the right sort of atmosphere. Great balance of DJs and types of music across the two rooms, def. something for everyone. Sorry I ain't got a good enough memory to pick out partic...
  15. Evolution, Burgess Hall, St Ives, 24/7

    ..< Nearly missed the Harvey Averne Dozern-Never learned to dance, as I was just coming out of the little boys room when Karl started playing it but I got to the floor to catch three quarters of it so I was well pleased with that result.>... Garry Co...