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  1. Non-Soul Ns Classics

  2. Football And Northern Soul

    There is a strong link with Hibs supporters and northern. The Hibs supporters club hold alldayers (not that you have to be a Hibs supporter to get in). Hearts like to say they are the heart and soul of Edinburgh, but we all know they have no morals and cert...
  3. An Open Letter To Kev Roberts

    I'm in agreement with Barry in asking why the open letter. If you genuinely wanted to vent you grievance you could have emailed or PM’d Kev directly. Or you could have just started a thread saying how disappointed you are with that weekender. I just ...
  4. Ns In Film

    My mate told me Love it
  5. Ns In Film

    Wedding Belles film written by Irvin Welsh. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcjlnv_dodgy-northern-dancer-wedding-belle_shortfilms Regarding the Crying with Laughter film. A member of the cast is Jo Hartley who is also in SoulBoy and was ...
  6. That is one of the most sensible posts I have read on this entire site.
  7. So what are you's guys saying? That we should change our minds because you say so. The problem with Soul Source is that members think they are the self appointed morel guardians of Northern Soul. Well you ferkin aint and you opinion counts for sweet f all.
  8. I gave it 8/10 and now you are personally attacking me for my own opinion.
  9. I also give it 8 out 10. I really enjoyed the film and it certainly stirred up a lot of emotion. The reason I only give it 8 is because I felt there was no need for the "This England" clips.
  10. Regarding the after party... Russ thought that his name carried so much weight that the soulboys would gratefully bend over and take one up the rear. The soulboys are very well respected on the Scottish scene and certainly do not need any patronage fro...
  11. Imagine holding the world premier of the film in the capital of Scotland, asking one of the top promoters in the capital to organise the after film party, then stab the promoters in the back. Beggar's belief!!! Where do you think the Scottish souli...
  12. Soulboy New Film Coming Out Soon ?

    As has been previously mention on another thread... Soulboy has its world premier this coming Saturday at the Edinburgh Film Festival. http://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/whats-on/2010/soulboy
  13. Just a warning to anybody that is phoning the box office for tickets. There is another film on at the festival called Soul Boy; this has nothing to do with the soul scene. So... The film about the northern soul scene is called SOULBOY. The film...