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  1. illtalbeats

    Debonairs Acetate

    Given it's rarity, I had pretty much given up ever finding a copy of Debonairs "Loving You takes All Of My Time" / "Headache In my Heart" (Solid Hit SH-102) so imagine my surprise when an acetate of the pressing popped up on Ebay. Oddly enough, no one bid on it so I reached out to the seller directly and was able to acquire. It's barely legible due to label damage, but the release is credited to Revilot Records and catalog number appears to be ZTSC-121995 (assuming since I can only read 1*1995). A side is "Headache In My Heart" (incorrectly listed as "Heartache In My Heart". I think the recording is a few seconds shorter than the normal 45 release but I have to go back and confirm that... "Loving You takes All Of My Time" is the b-side and appears to be the normal version. It still amazes me stuff like this somehow survived....
  2. illtalbeats


  3. illtalbeats

    Can anyone identify this Psych Funk 45

    Whoever it is, definitely sounds like they are trying to emulate the sound of Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain / Free Your Mind" albums. However, I don't think it's them. Guitar playing doesn't sound like Eddie Hazel (who would have been lead) and they didn't really add horns into the mix till later on. Norman Whitfield was known to record Funkadelic live and try to emulate them. Possibly something he produced? Unreleased Undisputed Truth?
  4. Looking for OG version of Debonairs ‎– Loving You Takes All My Time / Headache In My Heart (Solid Hit - SH-102). Any condition will suffice.
  5. illtalbeats

    Tamala Lewis Sells For $170!?

    So is there an actual blue look-a-like bootleg or are all those copies simply the orange boot with a stuck on label?
  6. illtalbeats

    Tamala Lewis Sells For $170!?

    Ahhhh... I feel better about missing it then Still, $170 for a boot? Seems a bit much when the Orange boot usually goes for $25-$30.
  7. illtalbeats

    Tamala Lewis Sells For $170!?

    If you look closely, looks like the upper portion of the label has some black on it (which would indicate it was a scan). However, I always thought the boot had a raised/ribbed edge I've never seen either in person though so no idea
  8. illtalbeats

    Tamala Lewis Sells For $170!?

    Kicking myself I didn't see this last week, but it looks to be an OG Tamala Lewis sold for a fraction of what it normally does? http://www.popsike.com/NORTHERN-SOUL-TAMALA-LEWIS-YOU-WONT-SAY-NOTHING-CLINTON-US-VINYL-SINGLE-NM/251935725950.html Can anyone confirm if it's not a boot from the pic? If it is real, has demand gone that far down or just a fluke?
  9. illtalbeats

    Rare George Clinton Related 45S

    Long shot, I know, but does anyone have these for sale? Debonairs - Loving You Takes All of My Time / Headache in my Heart (Solid hit) Tamala Lewis - You Won't Say Nothing / If You Can Stand Me (Marton) Pat Lewis - I Owe You Something / No One To Love (Solid Hit) No boots/re-issues and I don't really care about condition. Can look like someone played hockey with it for all I care
  10. illtalbeats

    Worlds Biggest Record Collection

    Here's a more in-depth article on the Brazilian guy for those interested. - http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/10/magazine/the-brazilian-bus-magnate-whos-buying-up-all-the-worlds-vinyl-records.html
  11. illtalbeats

    Worlds Biggest Record Collection

    Read another article on this guy once. From what it seems, he just bought out random record store closings/bargain bins etc... I wouldn't be surprised if out of his 5 million records a sizable portion is garbage. And if he stores them like in the pic, he doesn't deserve to be called a "collector".
  12. illtalbeats

    Roy Handy - Baby That's A Groove

    Already purchased a copy since then. thanks for your time!
  13. Looking for Joni Wilson - Loser's Seat / Flame Flame Flame (Volt - 4070) in any condition. PM me if you got it. thanks in advance
  14. Looking for Tony Michaels - Love The Life I Live/Picture Me And You on Golden World (GW-41) White DJ or regular Yellow issue will suffice and in any condition. PM me with details. Thanks in advance.
  15. illtalbeats

    Vinyl Obsessives In Pictures

    Anyone know if Bob Mays still sells records?


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