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  1. The Stax Academy UK Tour

    Thanks for the heads up, unfortunately I was hoping to see the stax academy and the costs was from transport. Annoying but not the end of the world...
  2. The Stax Academy UK Tour

    Bristol event canceled. Paid £12 to get there and have nothing to show for it. Brilliant.
  3. The Stax Academy UK Tour

    Gonna try and make it to the Bristol event. I'm looking forward to it!
  4. charity shop find

    Condition is the key, seems cheap to me at £25 if it's in good nick. Just shows there is still bits and pieces out there!
  5. Divs are more abundant than ever......

    Sorry my "don't bitch" comment came off wrong. You are welcome to say what you like, I would just argue that it's not particularly productive ;)
  6. Divs are more abundant than ever......

    What a depressing thread. "Divs" will always be on the scene, coming and going (with the recent influx "northern soul" in pop culture making it worse than ever) however everyone starts out as a div. You can't expect people to turn up to an event and suddenly be an expert and this elitist mentality of being there since the start is just damaging to the scene. We all get pissed off by handbaggers and that person who's had too much to drink and thinks he can dance but they will come and go. Sitting on a forum and bitching about it achieves nothing but boosting your ego because you're not "one of them". If you want to influence the scene in a positive way then start to (or continue to) support the venues that you enjoy! Don't bitch behind a computer screen.
  7. The Chosen Few-Footsie

    As someone with no nostalgia. A) It's naff (IMHO)
  8. R & B For A Tuesday!!!

    PM'd you!
  9. Can't believe no one's said the trammps - hold back the night yet! Classic sound that can be found pretty much anywhere for the cost of a chocolate bar
  10. who will replace us?

    I'm a youngster and go to my local northern nights regularly. Whilst the majority of people are in the older generation, there are always a few younger faces. I feel that most other people have got it spot on: the scene will evolve. I play a lot of later disco, boogie, crossover cuts just because it's more affordable and easy to pick up. Stuff like Ester Phillips - What a difference a day makes, Al Wilson - Earthquake and the like. In the future it may not be as big a scene as it is today (or has been in the past) but hopefully the essence will still be there, a bunch of people dancing in a dimly lit room to long lost and forgotten American soul records. And don't worry, when your records start hitting the carboots I'll be there to pick them all up
  11. GeoffB


    Martha and the vandellas EP went for more than the Linda Jones demo. That's just sad.
  13. Happy Playing Mp3's And Cd's Nottingham

    The OVO argument again. I feel this has gone a bit off topic but will put in my 2 cents. I'm one of the young ones and respect OVO, especially if you're charging £15 a ticket. However, this "earning respect" and "being lazy" thing I'm not buying. You can make an original set on CD/MP3. That takes time and knowledge and people should enjoy it just as much as an OVO event. The argument that they could do it at the casino is stupid. Back then the records weren't hundreds or thousands of pounds and there were 1000's of new finds. Now that is not the case. Sure there are plenty of class records for sensible money but if you don't have big money records then people will complain. Someone will point out that if you don't have the records then you shouldn't DJ as that's how it has always been and always should be but DJing should be about your taste in music and interacting with the crowd, not how deep your pockets are. It's about the music, isn't it? If this event was happening near me I would love to go just to see Geno Washington. I'd probably enjoy myself too but don't tell anyone.
  14. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    That's a future classic!
  15. Just to add, I'm a youngun. Not been to an event yet but hoping to head down to 6T's after GCSEs!