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    Hi there, Joey here! Got infected with the bug called northern soul last year and haven't looked back since! Although new to the scene I've never looked back Love it!
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    Newton Aycliffe (hub of the world)
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    Continental 4 - The way I love you baby.

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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone! I've been using discogs quite a lot recently bought double o soul by Edwin Starr was an original copy on rictic. The same with Stoned Love by the supremes on Tamla. If someone could recommend me a fair dealer I'd really appreciate that. I've inquired about buying looky looky by the ojays on discogs but my gut feeling is telling me to check if it's a bootleg or not. Anyway here's the photo if anyone could confirm it's an original copy I'd really appreciate that thanks.
  2. Hello everyone I'm a relatively new soulie (only got the bug last year lol!) At only 20 I don't have a clue really when it comes to checking if a record is a bootleg or not though. I only want to collect original copies as I can imagine there's nothing worse than someone spinning a bootleg at a soulnight which cost them a tenner when you spent a couple 100 on the original recording! Anyway all advice is appreciated just want some more knowledge on when to be weary when buying cheap records. Anyway thanks. JC x
  3. Hi there. I'm still very new to the scene I have around about 20 45s to my name at the minute. Stuff from Jackie Wilson to Edwin Starr to Dione Trevor amongest others.... Just wondering what records can you pick up from around (£30) and under which are original issue and are a fair price but also good records. Any suggestions would be gladly appreciated! Cheers JC x
  4. Cheers everyone! especially Dan can't wait to get to the events!
  5. Hi everyone I'm Joey Collins I'm 20 and new to the scene. Any advice on records would be greatly appreciated! Just trying to get use to the site! Anyway Cheers Joey.
  6. Hi there everyone. I'm Joey I'm 20 from the north east england. I've been collecting motown records for about a year now. I'm getting more and more interested in the northern soul scene.. problem is I really don't no where to start looking ha! What record labels to look out for? what artists are essential to listen to when starting out? what to stay away from? Good cheap records when starting a collection? Really hope some of you experienced soulies on this forum can help me. Thanks anyway Joey! any help is appreciated!
  7. It will probably have to be continental 4 the way I love you baby it's the song that influenced me to get into northern soul in the first place!

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