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  1. The next cloud nine album I see will be purchased, thank you for that gents. In the mean time this guys voice ain't bad either.
  2. Need a FH icon for that one, stunning 1st time listen! Now working my way through the album!
  3. Soul Hippy

    Down votes

    Also run out of likes, can't we have more ammo?
  4. Soul Hippy

    Down votes

    One good thing about the current faves, top motown tracks and get em off Friday, sorry I mean get em up Friday, is that people post stuff for everyones' mutual entertainment and its lighthearted and good fun and we all learn from each other. Perhaps in this area the disagree button would not add to this and could perhaps create a bit of negativity where people disagree, but didn't need to, or wouldn't have thought to if the option hadn't been there. So in this context it might be unnecessary Whereas on the freebasing, I could understand its use but again, when somebody has gone to the trouble to articulate a point of view and somebody else simply disagrees its a bit disappointing and does not add to the debate, rather than them articulating a counter point of view which happens at the moment. If you are conducting a survey it would be useful, as would the FFS button you mentioned or to show appreciation for a really good record posting a FM icon would also be useful. These are just some thoughts. Keep up the good work.
  5. This is impossible and could be 1 of 20 records at any given time. The reason for this one is the sheer voltage when the intro hits the atmosphere, reflex finds me on the floor in seconds and dancing way beyond my physical capabilities in a pure stomping trance, from which I awake and wonder wtf just happened. I'm sure I'm not alone on this, I saw it mentioned a few pages back but no video. High Voltage electrical shock at its best.
  6. Check out 100 club event listing, Ady has put this up Snatches of 8 new unreleased 60s soul tracks getting a 100 Club preview at 11.30 on Saturday 23rd Feb You can hear them there
  7. Soul Hippy

    100 Club 6TS

    Judging by the soundclips, I could not have picked a better night to attend after a long absence.
  8. Recently started buying again, if its brilliant in my opinion, I will buy it if its affordable. Whether 60s previously unreleased, obscure, modern, new, motown, classic oldie. album. Stuff like Kent & Soul Junction absolutely.
  9. Now the other side of my personality wants a go and he is determined to speak up for romance and love and wants to say love is the greatest thing on earth and the best thing we've got. He also thinks to send a card full of love to someone who may not expect it or who will never know who its from is just about the nicest compliment you could ever pay anyone. He also says that it could potentially make someone so happy that it would be daft not to send one. So there it is and he insisted that I post a romantic valentine tune right in the middle of this lot, I told him that he might be dropping me in the sh-t, so don't shoot the messenger.
  10. Good thinking Mike, but it gets exciting!

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