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  1. Remember an interview with John Lydon who was also meant to be on that flight but for some reason didn't fly either!
  2. What an amazing person with a remarkable brain, Milutin Milankovitch. Why didn't we hear about him at school. It certainly adds another dimension to the issue. Not that we can do much about earths axial shifts but I'm glad to learn about it Kegsy, its an important piece of the jigsaw. I understand what you are saying. But, it does make man made climate change and our casual destruction of nature, our earths lungs (rainforests), our obsession with oil and the pollution of air, sea and water even more irresponsible. What we are doing will only magnify what has been illustrated and will presumably make any climate modelling predictions even more difficult. There is a lot to be worried about but there is a lot to be positive about, worrying won't change anything, positive action will. As Chalky said If everyone does a bit, that adds up to a lot and acts as an example. We do what we can. I'm no expert, but I understand how public pressure makes change, people are very powerful but they spend their lives being told that they are not and shouted down if they ever have the cheek to show some self belief. No one knows everything and we are all learning from each other and if we listen we learn so much more. I thought I'd just mention on an earlier comment about the ozone layer, it is recovering due to the Montreal Protocol an international agreement to get rid of the chemicals responsible for the damage, CFCs & HFCs 1987-89, good article in wikepedia about it. Massive pressure was generated in the 80s by Greenpeace and Earth First amongst others, in part we have them to thank along with all the environmental groups that were pushing it under the politicians noses and campaigning against the manufacturers directly, as well as a grassroots campaign where the public was mobilised. An issue where a big problem was identified, acted on and a solution found. We can do it! People are powerful.
  3. until

    Sorry to hear that, thats a big blow for a lot of people. The Grosvenor event is excellent, music, atmosphere and friendliness is spot on. If you look on the bright side, there will still be a top notch weekender in Skeggy, my first one last year, the first of many.
  4. until

    The only weekender in Skeggy, this weekend!
  5. My apologies Mike, I was not aware of that but fully understand the rationale.
  6. Having made the mention of this event I thought I would feedback to let anyone interested know that the march in Leeds was huge, and estimates were put at 10,000 people marching, in Leeds alone. Most of the onlookers were visibly taken aback by the sheer scale of it. From my observations the media whilst reporting the climate strikes being widespread, did not show how large these gatherings were in the UK.
  7. Thought a feel good tune in order too, I know it gets played a bit but what a tune, always confuses my dance instincts, stomper or funky get down, BOTH!
  8. Can't beat a bit of classy funky empowerment!
  9. Youngsters now are the first generation who have had to take to the streets to try to ensure that they, their children and grandchildren have a planet to live on. This Friday youngsters will take to the streets all over the UK and throughout the rest of the world in their millions to campaign. No one is in any doubt that the human race has got it wrong, we all know it. A future of climate change and the destruction of nature and mass extinctions is a sure route to oblivion. These climate strikers will be walking out of their classrooms, colleges and workplaces all over the country to march. It's quite something when our children and their generation have to march to tell the adult world to act responsibly, somehow the roles have been reversed. But we can all do something by supporting them and getting involved, coming together and doing something positive. The time for sitting in the armchair shouting at the TV is over its time to get active and support the younger generation, nature & the planet & press for change. Issues don't come any bigger than this, it affects us all and we should all take some responsibility and do what we can where we can. Activism is the price we pay for living in a democracy and it is only when people come together things will change, if the voice is loud enough it will happen. Please add yours, its time to be inspired by them and be optimistic for them. List of gatherings here https://ukscn.org/events/ Hear about it in their words below “It’s sometimes annoying when people say, ‘Oh you children, you young people are the hope. You will save the world’” she said, after several grown-ups had told her just that. “I think it would be helpful if you could help us just a little bit.” Greta Thunberg
  10. Time to get the ball rolling again, dedicated to all the young climate strikers who will be taking to the streets in their millions all over the world on Friday 20th September.
  11. Great stuff Same here, wish I was 25 as well!

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