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  1. One to look forwards to - it's in the diary now
  2. Please Please Please (for Pseudo Lenny) Curtis Lee - Is She In Your Town Fabulous Apollos - Determination Celeste Hardie - You're Gone Trends - Thanks For A Little Lovin'
  3. Andrew Z Jackson


    Really looking forward to this on Saturday night.......... Eddiefoster has very kindly offered me a lift up to Lancaster so I burn his rubber instead. I will put the penis pump, lube and ED cream back on my bedroom widow sill this weekend, go out and get sweaty dancing instead. The quetion is....... how many shirts do I need to bring!? See you all there! Lov' Bweaty Sastard
    What can I say: WRONG CROWD, right people, great place, fantastic night! The new venue was even better than expected and it had the poshest bogs I've ever been to at a soul even . Music was great all night with something for everyone and definitely not the same old same old, great to see Len making the effort to travel all the way up to the far North (it is called Northern Soul Len) and Dean Anderson was his same old unassuming self - whilst delivering some absolute belters; Charles Mintz.....LOVE IT. Thanks to everyone - see you there for the anniversary night (I think that's the next one?)
  4. Andrew Z Jackson

    Wrong Crowd

    Wrong Crowd just keeps getting better and better!
  5. Andrew Z Jackson

    Wrong Crowd

    It's not Craig Charles is it? LOL
  6. YES - Walter does Culcheth, can't wait to get the week done with and get down to Culcheth tonite - see you all there
  7. I'm in. Another one of Joans' groupies turning up!
  8. Can't go wrong with the line-up in either room - nice one Baz, see you on the night
  9. Andrew Z Jackson

    Wrong Crowd

    Whoa! What a great line up. Only a last minute 'Booty' call would keep me away! 50 again Triode?
  10. Looking forward to another great lineup. I don't know how he does it! I'm even going to clean my ears out for this one, if only my tongue could reach.... now where's those cotton buds and swarfega? The only place to be on the 23rd
  11. Looking forward to another great night at Burscough. Doesn't need to be NYE to enjoy a great mini nighter. All ready excited. Andrew
  12. Len, Hahahah glad you like it! took me ages to find a picy of you...... I had to use it as you look like a younger me! But with no grey, no saggy bits and no crinkles.
  13. Hahaha! I resemble that blame! It was funny though. Looking forward as ever to your spot mickmix. Eddiefoster! can't Mickmix do a 1 1/2 hr spot instead? ...................I'll pay you.......... i'll give you my house my car my virginity..... anything? Even my imaginary girlfriend
  14. Shifty! Shifty!! Shifty!!! If god was a DJ his name would be ........... Looking forward to the 15th Anniversary now. Normally the last saturday of the month I stay in, just me and my pen*s pump, but with Shifty being on got to leave it under the bed this time. Though I might bring it along with me and disappear into the disabled toilets during the hours of 01:45 and 02:30 .

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