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  1. Worcester University All Nighter 9pm-6am two rooms for more info contact Paul:O7894 306727 added by site brand new niter in WORCESTER 13th Jan at The Hangar , Henwick Grove, Worcester, WR2 6AJ 9pm-6am two rooms (2nd room 11pm-5am) £10 door tax organisers Paul (07894 306727) and Drippin' (07557020385)
  2. Marcus delaney


    Great night,Steve did the first hour then Tezza upped the bar with some outstanding tunes,playing a couple I had earmarked lol...I went on fir around 75 mins and the crowd danced to every record then Steve back on to finish up,great venue,great dancefloor,lovely people,baffles me why more locals don't go!
  3. Marcus delaney


    Great night really enjoyed myself,deserves more support from the locals plenty of people travel to it.
  4. Marcus delaney

    Dudley Town Hall

    Loads of parking by the town hall on street and a few car parks all within easy walking distance mate
  5. Yes Ted sure you were on there I think we all had half hour....sure it was put on by Racker from Cannock way...Neil Allen was another dj ....was short lived but great fun...had to carry the tables out fore we could start lol...
  6. Ian,I've only just found this site im not very technically minded....memories are given to us by people who matter,Helen was one of those people,I got to know you by working for you when there weren't many nights on and our scene was threatening to fizzle out,many places inc black horse,somewhere in Stourbridge the name evades me now,we were at the Connaught one night and you were busy and just said use my records cover for me for half hour.............memories of Helen......one night I will remember and often recount.......in Cannock at a French restaurant which became a soul venue after we c

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