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  1. Goldwax

  2. Lee Fields

    Wow, what a show! If anyone is in two minds about seeing this guy you really should make the effort and go. I doubt there will be too many come along in the future that will be able to deliver a vocal performance with quite the intensity and style. Top night.

    Looking forward to it as ever. Never a dull night at SHS.
  4. It's refreshing to know that someone with a real passion for the scene and it's music is behind this. Replicating youth / sub culture on film is never going to be easy as so much is lost in time. I do find the dance instruction a bit cringworthy (I kee...
  5. Loafers have been given a good buff. Will there be a shoe inspection on the door Dave? Really looking forward to tonight. I missed the last one so seems like ages. It's The Best Little Soul Club in London. Craig
  6. 2011-03-05: 100 Club-6Ts

    Nick had mentioned it before his set, knowing my penchant for southern stuff, and I knew I had heard it out when he played it but I couldn't think where. Will look forward to April SHS mate
  7. 2011-03-05: 100 Club-6Ts

    Another top night at the 100. Special thanks to Nick for the Mr Percolator track - a fine splash of the Southern stuff. Top draw. Big thanks as ever to Ady and all involved.
  8. 2011-03-05: 100 Club-6Ts

    Bar Italia does a great bacon sarnie. http://www.baritaliasoho.co.uk/ Roll on Sat night
  9. Typical. It's taken the best part of 25 years to navigate that dancefloor, every bloody loose tile, bump and hole, and now they are talking about changing it ? Please support this noble cause - Save the 100 Club dancefloor !! Great to hear the nig...
  10. 2011-01-29: 100 Club-6Ts

    There were one or two concerns through the early part of last year when numbers dipped then came impending doom as the venue's very existence was in serious doubt. How quickly things change. A rallying call from Ady and a swell in interest as a result of the ...
  11. Tonights Majestic Soul Is Cancelled

    Bugger. Just outside venue. Oh well, live local but gutted it's not on.
  12. Then why do those who think it isnt feel it necessary to pass comment on a simple request for young dancers in London? I had suggested to Dean on FB that he post on this site to help find a few interested dancers but now wish I hadn't bothered. I have o...
  13. 100 Club Xmas Party Thurs Dec 23Rd 9Pm-2Am

    Millwall boys (and New York girl) will be in attendence.
  14. 100 Club To Close By Xmas

    It's will be covered as part of the 'Inside Out' show tonight: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00x2xfc
  15. Remember Otis

    My uncle was a huge fan and seeing my early teen interest in the Mod thing demanded I borrow his Otis collection 'to hear what real music sounded like'. I still vividly remember the needle hitting the opening bars to Mr. Pitiful and that voice soaring out. My...