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  1. andycambs

  2. John Manship's Tease Auction

    The Camaros maybe?
  3. Chosen Few - Birth Of A Playboy - Maple

    My demo has the star like mentioned earlier, paid £1 from a record shop in Berwick Street, London, sometime around 1982.
  4. Sugar Billy Super Duper Love

    Loads of pics on Google images, though not sure if thats what you're looking for Andy
  5. Joe Jama - Anyone Know The Release Date?

    Found this on Google................. http://dereksdaily45.blogspot.com/2009/02/joe-jama-my-life.html
  6. Can O Worms Sunday Sessions-P'boro

    Brilliant news Paul and about time too, I hear the Brewery Tap has a nice room at the back?? Counting the days mate. Andy
  7. Kings Go Forth Single At Jazzman Now

    Got mine yesterday, very nice thanks Andy
  8. Ebay - Vontastics

    I paid a fiver for mine at St Ives about 5 yeays ago, won't sell it though, better than alot of stuff 10-20 times that Andy
  9. Dkof - Pauls 50ish Birthday Bash

    Had a great night, just caught the end of Tommy's set but liked what was played and that kind of set the tone for the rest of the night, not a bad tune played imo, nice venue and good to see so many there. Thanks to all concerned and looking foward to the nex...
  10. What's The Best Set You've Ever Heard?

    Have to agree with Paul and David, Kitch at DKOF, awsome.
  11. Dkof June 22

    Cannot say much that hasn't already been said, had an amazing night and the music was superb, Kitch's set blew me away but then so did everyone else's. You are on to an absolute winner guys, please keep it up, see you on the 3rd. Andy P.S Ray, any cha...
  12. Value Please

    Got given this by a schoolmate about 25 years ago, cover is well selotaped but the vinyl is in pretty good shape, a very nice freebie. Marvelettes-Way Over There-the stand out track for me Andy
  13. Different Kettle Of Fish

    Your very welcome, and you have nothing to be nervous about, you were great. Andy
  14. Different Kettle Of Fish

    To anyone who missed this do, you misssed out big time! The last time I went to the "Dog" I turned round just after the bridge on account of the car park being full of coppers and D.S Bullock, lucky to be late on that night I think. Last fiday was diffrent,...
  15. For Sale

    Email me back if you would like some FREE tickets for 4th May . ===============================================================